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The Supremes hollowed out the Constitution of the United States of America last week. I must have been washing my hair when the MSM went to DEFCON 1. Says Chris Floyd:

Here’s how the bad deal went down. After hearing passionate arguments from the Obama Administration, the Supreme Court acquiesced to the president’s fervent request and, in a one-line ruling, let stand a lower court decision that declared torture an ordinary, expected consequence of military detention, while introducing a shocking new precedent for all future courts to follow: anyone who is arbitrarily declared a “suspected enemy combatant” by the president or his designated minions is no longer a “person.”  They will simply cease to exist as a legal entity. They will have no inherent rights, no human rights, no legal standing whatsoever — save whatever modicum of process the government arbitrarily deigns to grant them from time to time, with its ever-shifting tribunals and show trials.

The ruling concerns (for now) Gitmo detainees. Obamses may be right that His Word alone is sufficient to declare someone a non-person and that anything – kidnapping, incarceration, torture, disappearance etc. – can be done to them with no recourse and that even the constitution is no barrier to this. He must be right since the nine custodians of the Law handed down their tablets, and they said yes.

I’m just struggling to recall when and where He and His army of supporters campaigned on this message, that the Emperor should be able, with a wave of His hand, to have other humans declared non persons and stripped of legal protections.

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  1. Good one. Don’t forget Area 54, the fake moon landings and the commie infiltration of our water systems.

  2. Mahons –

    Blimey, you were once so keen to discuss Gitmo and the law. Prior to November 2008 it was.

    I wonder if anything’s changed.

  3. terrorists are non-humans

    And Mahons it’s area 51 not 54 and it was the commie plot of adding flouride to the water. Get your lunatic fringe stuff straight man!

  4. Pete – Am am still keen to discuss it, especially with someone who would bother with the facts of the matter.

    Troll- I sit corrected, and will in the future consult with you in order to fully indentify the greatest hits of the lunatic fringe.

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