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How wonderful if the passing of Ted Kennedy heralds the fall of Obamacare.

President Obama made a last-ditch bid tonight to save Edward Kennedy’s old US Senate seat for the Democrats in a high-stakes by-election that could imperil US healthcare reform. Mr Obama changed his weekend plans to dash to Massachusetts to campaign for Martha Coakley, the Democratic candidate in the vote on Tuesday. The president was repeatedly interrupted by hecklers as he spoke to a crowd at Boston’s Northeastern University.

Here’s hoping that Scott Brown wins –  in Massachusetts!

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17 thoughts on “THE KENNEDY LEGACY?

  1. It was suggested that the Democrats might force a vote on ObamaCare quickly if Brown is elected because the election certification can take a few days or weeks, and Kirk, Democrat would vote in Brown’s place until certification. (The TimesOnLine article in your link mentions this "wrinkle" in its final paragraphs)

    BUT! I have just read that lawyers for GOP find that Kirk is out the day a replacement is elected. In other words, Kirk won’t be voting after Tuesday, even if the certification process drags out.

  2. If Brown is elected, it looks like there will be even more rejoicing in Rightworld than there was on the day that Ted Kennedy died.

  3. He’s selling himself as a JFK Republican ???

    This is the 60th vote needed to ensure the passage of the bill in the senate – right? It will all be down to turnout as elections usually are. Should be interesting Tuesday.

  4. This would be a win more beautiful than words can express.

    It would drive a stake in the heart of the idea of dynasties and " family seats "

    It would kill this corrupt and badly cobbled bill

    And it would be a crushing defeat to a horrible woman who as DA knowingly kept wrongfully convicted people in prison, and tried to deprive them of their right to legal representation ( please read) . I was horrified to read of this yesterday. She should be in prison herself for what she did – and so are many Massachusetts Democrats – I hear that 1/3 of them may now vote for Brown.

  5. Phantom I understood you saw this bill as a certainity, a sort of fait acompli? You aren’t for health care reform?

  6. I am very strongly for health care reform.

    But here I think that the cure is worse than the disease – this is a terrible bill, brought about by corruption, vote buying and special exemptions. Time to start over.

    A win by Brown would be the bitterest pill for Obama and Pelosi but would be most salubrious for the nation.

  7. The Kennedy Legacy is an empty bottle of scotch and a dead girl at the bottom of a stream

  8. Why should anybody in Massachusetts vote Coakley into office on the promise that their taxes will be raised and their healthcare benefits cut thanks to the passage of ObamaCare?

    What the Democrats haven’t figured out is that 98% of Massachutts residents are covered already under RomneyCare – they ALREADY have "universal" coverage!

  9. BTW, in my opinon, if Brown wins — this election is a referendum on Obama and the Dem’s socialism and overreach, their lack of transparency, and their bribes and backroom dealings. ( Also, Scott Brown is an excellent candidate who will act on the best interest of Massachusetts, I believe.)

    It’s a confirmation of Conservatism, but not a confirmation of the Republican Party.

    Bush and the Republican Congress gave us years of overspending, earmarks and an entitled political class. These have not been forgotten.

    The big diff. is that Bush and the Repubs. put America $400 billion in the hole, where Obama and Dems have committed us to TRILLIONS in debt.

    2009 was fiscally heartbreaking and America is now in big financial trouble thanks to both parties.

  10. Also – Massachusetts has a state health care scheme already.

    The Obama mishmosh would make the Mass. " Romneycare " plan more expensive by means of the various taxes, etc, without adding anything for the residents of Massachusetts

  11. As I’m not American I don’t really care very much about health care reform, it’s not my business, but I’ve read a fair bit about the ritual abuse panics of the 80s and 90s that wrecked the lives of so many innocent people and the way those responsible have suffered no consequences for what they did really is infuriating. So here’s hoping Coakley is humiliated on Tuesday.

  12. I can almost understand the panics – what I cannot understand or forgive is how someone like Coakley can read the evidence ( allegations of steak knives put into the rectum of toddlers by day care workers- but no injuries of any kind ) and then pretend that there is a reason to keep the accused in prison.

    She’s a criminal. She let a family rot in jail rather than admit that the prosecution was based on manipulation of very young children

  13. I can understand the panic among the public, who were initially only told what prosecuters wanted to told, but the people who had access to things like transcripts of the interviews with the children must have known that the evidence was shaky to non existant all along.

  14. Incidentally we had the same ritual abuse panic over here, among the most notable promoters of the scare was Feminist-Marxist newspaper columnist Beatrix Campbell who still believes she was in the right when she was making claims like:

    " ‘Within two weeks of the first published report of the first discovery of alleged satanic abuse in Britain, an organisation of satanists circulated chief constables, directors, of social services and the Home Office with reports that tried to undermine the credibility of the care workers involved in the case . And they have responded similarly to subsequent controversies.’ "

    She is still taken seriously by the government who have her on quangoes to advise ministers about policy making.

  15. BTW, in my opinon, if Brown wins — this election is a referendum on Obama and the Dem’s socialism and overreach, their lack of transparency, and their bribes and backroom dealings.

    So if Brown wins it means everyone hates Obama and regrets voting for him but if Coakley wins it’s a bunch of people unthinkingly voting D?

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