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From Andrew Sullivan:


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8 thoughts on ““An Obama Supporter Vents”

  1. Good one Patty. I love these Downfall mashups. they got a bit overdone after the first few good ones, but this one is at least fresh topical and quite well done.

  2. Except that the little Hitlers on this site all very much despise Obama.

    Another irony, Patty?

  3. I do like a good Downfall skit.

    It’s a great film too, for anyone who hasn’t seen it.

  4. Noel: ironic that I found this on Andrew Sullivan’s site of all places.

    my favorite line: "All the newly elected Blue Dogs. Please leave the room…"

  5. Downfall is a good film but it copped out when it came to the Russian troops’ behaviour.

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