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mosque2.jpegEver wondered how many mosques stand in this United Kingdom? According to one count, there are 1669, which is a fair number, considering that the first was established in 1889, but the fastest growth has happened in the last fifteen years. Some have graced their neighbourhood, some have gained an evil reputation, but in the main, the buildings, together with the accompanying religion, have been established in accord with the traditional tolerance given newcomers by the ordinary British people! The images on the left are all from mosques established in Britain over the last twenty-odd years. The holy book of muslims, the koran, as one commentator states, " It acknowledges the coexistence of other faiths, and in doing so acknowledges that other cultures can live together in peace."

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Then check out the pictures of Christian places of worship in Riyadh, or Mecca, or Jeddah, or Dahran. Wonderful portraits? Fantastic width of religious tolerance, in the birthplace of the same religion which plans, amongst other things, to slap the largest mosque in Europe right next to the Olympic Stadium!


black hole.jpeg

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3 thoughts on ““Sauce, Goose; Sauce, Gander!”

  1. The huge Mosque in Newham is – according to a reliable contact – only the first of many. Another is planned for Manchester and other major cities in the UK.

  2. ‘Moderate’ Islam does not permit the building of churches in ‘Muslim countries.’ We must therefore reciprocate. If you choose to settle in a particular country, you must do as the majority do.
    A woman walking down a street in Riyadh would not be deemed acceptable (presumably because Saudi men are incapable of controlling their animal lusts), so why should we accept women walking down UK streets in a tent?
    Planning applications for churches in Dahran are certain to be turned down, so why should we allow mosques to spring up all over the UK?
    Islam is not a democratic faith. If Muslims wish to live in a democracy, they cannot expect their autocratic writ to run.
    It is time to stand up to the double-standards and ridiculous demands for respect from this particular religious cult.

  3. Well said, Human Animals. It’s a pity the people allegedly running this country do not see the logic in your thoughts, like most other people who are concerned about what is happening in and to this once great coutry.

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