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There is an ‘interview’ in the Telegraph with William Hague, the Shadow Foreign Secretary which, for me at least, says everything which needs to be said about the ‘Cameron Tory Party’ about its leader, and about the sad fact that Hague himself has, unfortunately, become just another machine politician, ready to sway to the very breezes which blow the political chaff around the Westminster stage.

On one of the key issues, at least on the minds of many if not most White British people, as well as a surprising number of our legal long-term Citizens of a different shade of skin colour, is the helter-skelter pace of immigration, both from the E.U. and from the Asian sub-Continent, from the multitudinous cess-pits of Africa, and from the Caribbean. 

He is quoted as stating : “We are not going to fight another election on immigration. It would not reflect the nation’s priorities.” Ask some White British citizen in the suburbs of Bradford, or of Newcastle, or of any number of the cities of this nation, if they think that the Immigration Issue, both in terms of what they think of the abortion which is Labour’s ideal solution as regards the huge influx of bloody foreigners into our Country, or the limp ‘Do Nothing’ response which is all we hear from the Tories; is being treated satisfactorily?

Whenever Gordon McDoom rings the starting bell for the race which will prove decisive in this our Nation’s destiny as to both how we are ruled, and who we live alongside, the choices are slimmer than ever. Labour’s lot is already seen as struggling, but the Tories seem almost frightened of their own shadows, as well as the polling figures which are less than healthy. Nick Clegg’s limp-wristed Lib_Dems aren’t even worth considering, and UKIP only has Nigel Farage as a standard bearer, and his flag is pretty crumpled these days.

Are we happy to read the report from the Office of National Statistics which states that  nearly a quarter of babies in England and Wales in 2008 were born to mothers who came from outside the UK, most commonly women from Pakistan and India. Our hospitals are swamped with this influx, and all we hear from the Tories is that they won’t be making an issue of Immigration! 

Where is a modern-day Enoch, now that we really need him?

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4 thoughts on “Ask those who live here, if it matters!

  1. Enoch was wrong. Wrong about immigration, at the time. Wrong about economics, although his followers were and are much worse than he was. Wrong in his inability to see that the implementation of his economic views was impossible without the huge-scale importation of people as much as of anything else, as part of that system’s overall corrosion of everything that conservatives exist in order to conserve.

    Wrong to scorn the Commonwealth. Wrong in the bitterness of his anti-Americanism. Wrong to support easier divorce. Wrong to give aid and succour to the Monday Club, although he never joined it, when it was supporting the Boer Republic set up as an explicit act of anti-British revenge in a former Dominion of the Crown (a move fiercely opposed by Nelson Mandela and the ANC, for all their other faults), and that Republic’s satellite, which first committed treason against Her Majesty and then very rapidly purported to depose her, removing the Union Flag from its own, something that even the Boer Republic never did.

    But Enoch was also right. Right to line up with Tony Benn and against Margaret Thatcher on Europe. Right to oppose both capital punishment and nuclear weapons, the two ultimate expressions of statism as idolatry, on which latter he again correctly sided with Benn against Thatcher, and on both of which he in fact shared the views of many High Tories. Right about the normalisation of Northern Ireland, conventionally known as total integration. Right to use the full panoply of central government planning to make significant additions to the National Health Service, and always to remain a stalwart defender of it.

    Right to oppose the subordination of our foreign policy to a foreign power. Right to denounce the atrocities at Hola. Right to support Britain’s non-intervention in Vietnam. Right to oppose the first Gulf War, which we fought as if buying oil from Saddam Hussein would somehow have been worse than buying it from the al-Sabahs (or the al-Sauds). Right to reprimand Thatcher that “A Tory believes that there is no such thing as an individual who exists without society”, pointedly referring to Tories, an age-old culture or series of subcultures, rather than to the Conservative Party, a late and strictly conditional vehicle for Toryism. Right to oppose abortion and experimentation on embryonic human beings, unlike Thatcher. Right to support the decriminalisation of male homosexual acts between consenting adults in private. Right to predict that the Soviet Union would collapse anyway, and to see Russia as our natural ally. Right to fight against grotesque erosions of our liberties, such as reversals of the burden of proof in certain cases.

    His present-day admirers and detractors alike need to learn the lessons.

  2. I too read the article, and again the elephant on the table was never mentioned (The EU), it seems that the Tories want power with no policies or scruples

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