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Responding to the rush by David Ford to be the faux Justice Minister, TUV Leader Jim Allister says…

“I suppose we should never expect too much from a man who described himself as “the back end of a pantomine horse”, but the desperation of  David Ford to be promoted above his station is laughable.  He pretends a principled stand of holding back till he sees a Shared Strategy in place, but then settles for the reported existence of a document which he hasn’t even seen.
“His biggest claim to fame to date is as ‘leader’ of an Opposition which doesn’t exist, but suddenly, when the option of being a puppet within the Excecutive is proferred, opposition doesn’t matter. Puppet or pantomine horse poor David can’t resist a role, any role in Cirque Stormont., even if its only till 2012 – if he survives the 2011 elections! But just to get keeping the seat warn for Gerry Kelly will be an honour for salivating Alliance.
“Though the notion of Alliance as a serious Opposition was a joke in itself, the admission of Alliance to the Executive will remove last fickle semblance of normal political and democratic credibility from this Stormont. This consequence of the Sinn Fein/DUP Hillsborough deal, in extinguishing the presence of a token Opposition, will not concern the practitioners of mandatory coalition, but it does highlight how that tyrannical system tramples on the fundamental building blocks of democracy – the right to vote a party out of government and the right to have an Opposition.”

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  1. I believe that this means that this leaves Brian Wilson, the sole Green Party MLA (out of 108) as the official opposition at Stormont.

    Well done Brian!

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