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Ennis, Texas –

When I saw the photo, I thought, “In spite of everything … no.” But the more I mull it over, the stronger the case for Jimmeh seems.

Fourteen months into the reign Obamses, has Carter become the ex-worst President?

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4 thoughts on “IT’S TIME TO ASK ALREADY …

  1. hahaha! Jimmy Carter’s price controls sound like peanuts compared to Obama’s take over of 48% of the economy (auto industry, student loan industry, healthcare industry, banking industry)

  2. I think Obama has already secured pole position in the race to be the worst President ever…..he’s so far ahead of the pack including Peanut Jimmy that he can’t be overtaken. It is safe to say, he already has the title of America’s worst ever President….just a pity we have to endure thirty-four more months of him.

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