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Update: The reward for any evidence was increased by Andrew Brietbart to $100,000!

In the video below, Jack Cashill in American Thinker deconstructs the “racist” slur that has become this week’s ubiquitous, high priority talking point in liberal media outlets throughout America. 

Cleaver (D) made the accusation of a racial slur and a spit, and a reporter named william Douglas had the smear written up and posted on the McClatchy website within 90 short minutes. Shortly after, media outlets and Democrat politicians began to echo the lie across the nation.

The reported acts of racism at the Tea Party Protests do not appear to have ever happened.  Andrew Breitbart has offered a $10,000 reward for anyone coming forward with any evidence.  So far no one has come forward. 


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17 thoughts on “Progressive’s Agitprop

  1. What evidence would you believe (there are of course the statements of multiple people that it did happen which you are discounting) and what care would you have if the statements were proven to be true.

    To me the shouting of racial slurs is an immaterial sidebar. There are always nutcases in every mob (on the left or right). The real issue is the law is passed.

  2. If there is slander of the Tea Party guys by the lazy big time media, that’s wrong and that is a story.

    Let’s see if any of the accusers tries to claim Breitbart’s prize. It should be pretty easy to do if the evidence is there

  3. "The real issue is the law is passed." I’m sure for you the ends justify the means.

    $10,000 reward and nothing, nada, zilch – nobody shouted racist epithets.

    ACORN has been dismantled. Al Sharpton exposed (again) as a charlatan.

    The race card play is dead, or soon will be. One bit of Progressive Democrat Agitprop in the dust bin of history.

  4. As I said last week, it didn’t happen. There’s not a square inch of the Capitol that isn’t under surveillance. Most people have video and sound capability on their phones and wotnot. Democrats were walking to the vote and the press was out in force.

    It’s simply not credible to state that racist chanting and abuse happened yet wasn’t recorded.

    What we do know is that a smear was made against good Americans by a member of the Congressional Black Caucus. Aye, so there’s real, actual racism somewhere in the story, and it’s not on the Tea Party side, it’s with those who purport to represent "Americans" in Congress yet distinguish and identify themselves by their colour and who seperate themselves into a group whose membership is for blacks excusively.

  5. Al Sharpton has been exposed as a racist charlatan many times in the past.

    Yet he is still a power broker in the NY and national Democrat party, a member in very good standing.

    Mayor Bloomberg and our two conniving Senators show up at events he hosts. He is close to both the Clintons

  6. Pete – I believe the claim was that such slurs were shouted by individuals (not chanted by a group), and to their credit certain tea party organizers disavowed those who would shout such things.

  7. I’m not surprised to hear that politicians cling to Sharpton. The Democrat party is "racist," using the race card to attract and keep the black vote.

    Pete: When the Congressional Black Caucus chose to walk in that Faux Civil Rights March stance, through a crowd of mostly white citizens, instead of using the tunnels as they normally would, several of them held their cameras high, trying to catch some racism.

    Apparently the crowd didn’t get the memo, 🙂 Racism is just not the motivator in the Tea Party Demos., despite what the MSM and Obama would like us to believe, so the Democrats just made some up!

  8. Its all in the payoff.

    And guys like Sharpton get paid via a lot of revenue streams

    He lives a very good material life, despite never having had a real job in his life

  9. Sharpton is a vile cad, but he wasn’t one of the Congressmen who made the claim in this instance.

    Congressman Lewis is a veteran of the Civil Rights Movement, a former Freedom Rider, and not a man who is known to constantly cry racist or make up events.

  10. Cleaver, Lewis and Jackson all declined to go on FOX to lie about the slur.

    Sharpton was the designated spokesman assigned to keep the propoganda alive:

    "REV. AL SHARPTON, CIVIL RIGHTS ACTIVIST: I say that everybody has to be very careful how they analyze what we are watching. All of us that are in public have to be very careful of our words. I have gone through that in the past where you say things, people accuse you of saying something you didn’t. But then you have blatant examples when people are using racial language, where people spit on a member of Congress. That’s not a gray area. "

  11. Mahons

    Don’t you know that there is no such thing as (white) racism? This is just another vile liberal slur on the Tea Party patriots, who just happen to include many Birthers in their ranks.

    When Limbaa sang his song "Barrack the Magic Negro" he was just kidding.

    You need to get with the programme.

  12. Sharpton’s a gangster – his statements have zero merit

    He’s been on Fox’s payroll too – the fat bastard would never appear on Fox News that often without being paid for it.

  13. Patty – the slur here is by you in accusing them of lying. And Lewis spoke with Fox News about the incident so we see once again that your credibility is shot.

  14. To clear up any confusion, I refer you all to my post above called "Professional Propaganda"

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