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Those that go each day into the depths and darkness, breath deep in the dust and pray that they make it through without dying in a fiery or crushing death.

25 Dead, 4 missing no air and the only way safely in is to first drill a hole to vent the Methane.

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5 thoughts on “Heroes

  1. Non union jobs at the mine and 3000 safety violation citations.

    Is that true Troll?

  2. don’t know have heard both versions one saying exactly what you wrote and one saying that the company in the past 5 years has become a model of safety that other companies should follow.

    We will find out

  3. Mike – two mine stories at the same time, the rescue in China (tragically some dead as well) and this sad story.

  4. China seemingly has coal mine disasters like this all the time. Life is very cheap in China.

  5. you know I have said it jokingly in the past, but it’s sadly true all the mercury for the new enviromental mini florescent bulbs is being mined in china.

    There are thousands dying of mercury poisoning, look up what Mad Hatters disiese is.

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