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Pulls out a White Sox hat, claims to be a White Sox fan, and then can’t name a single player.  Caught in his lie, he dissembles at the question and claims to be an Oakland A’s fan.  That Obama! What a rascal!  Or, as we say in Los Angeles, what a poser!

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37 thoughts on “Throws Like a Girl

  1. I don’t believe it. Patty putting up an anti-Obama post !!

    I think I am going to faint !

  2. And, quel surprise! Colm is tsk, tsking a patriotic post criticizing the POTUS! What’s next? A Colm joke about his (Colm’s) ding-a-ling?

  3. I never joke about my ding a ling. Such big weighty topics should never be joked about ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Throws like a girl, but that’s ok because rounders is a girl’s game.

    The fella in the no.26 top puts it best.

  5. Crak Head, Clinicly Insane. plus throws like a Fruit…..lol

    Rounders? What the hell is that, Now I will admit Baseball is a blah game, but I’m sure it’s atleast as manly as Cricket…. That is a game right and not just an annoying bug?

  6. At least you use your hands in baseball, unlike in soccer, which I understand is quite popular in some sections of England.

  7. November 2001, Yankee Stadium, Bronx NY

    President Bush cheered to the rafters in New York City as he throws a strike when making the ceremonial first pitch in Game Three of the World Series

    That’s how it’s done, son.


    A lefty with poor control!

  8. soccer is a fags game….. sorry

    only kids named Melvin with pants that swished when they walked played it when I was a kid.

  9. Yeah Petr but you do know basketball was inventented by a loony left commie Canadian, kind of explains it all

  10. Obviously the Obamessiah cannot throw like a normal American kid does. I note that this is really distinct from how kids throw balls in Europe. Perhaps this isn’t a skill that was in evidence where he grew up….Kenya according to his wife wasn’t it?

    Anyhow I can’t get over how much of an Arctic Monkeys fan is our PM. Wow!

    Did you notice how Maggie T made a point of saying how much of a sex pistols fan she was? No? That’s because she didn’t. IMO a real leader doesn’t need theatrical trickery and has more integrity than to claim something that is easily disproved.

    It’s a crying shame that the standard of integrity in todays’ ‘leaders’ is so very low.

    America – you’ve elected a fool. Britain – You are run by a crook and a fool and his Baronet mate Mandy who is clever but also a crook.
    That is all.

  11. Troll –

    Never heard of soccer here.

    Rounders is what we call baseball. It’s a game for schoolgirls.

  12. Rounders was invented in the Tudor court where they also called it baseball. And yes these days rounders is played by schoolgirls. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

  13. Never heard of soccer here.

    There’s hope for England yet! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Rounders played by schoolgirls

    Well, good for them. They have excellent taste. Glad there is some sports going on there!

  14. Rugby (American Football), rounders (baseball)…did you guys ever have an original concept of your own for sports?!

  15. American football ( which I don’t particularly care for ) is a very different and far more complex game than rugby

    Basketball was invented here

  16. I think the English brought ‘rugby football’ to the States or that it was adapted by an American from the rugby he watched played at Eton or somesuch. Pete can probably tell us. American football certainly has its origins in the English variants of the game, with the first set of intercollegiate football rules based directly on the rules of the Football Association in London. I find it all fascinating. I don’t think it would be too much to credit England with devising much of the world’s modern sport games. Particularly the association football based ones. Basketball and netball seem pretty similar to me. They both kind of developed together.

  17. Basketball is one sport where the inventor and time of invention are clearly known

    The Aztecs had a game that was somewhat similar but is not believed to have influenced Dr. Naismith

    Modern ice hockey was invented in Montreal Canada and since Canadians are honorary Americans ( hi Sean ) we’re happy about that one too

  18. Phantom

    I said basketball was invented by a Canadian, which your link clearly shows, not in Canada

  19. Phantom –

    Basketball = netball. That’s another one played by girls.

    Alison –

    That gridiron malarky is indeed derived from rugby. A few Americans do still play rugby but clearly time was when most of’em thought it was a bit too rough and preferred some other game with helmets and lots of padding.

    So they wouldn’t get hurt.

  20. I wish they didn’t get hurt.

    There is an unbelievably high short term and long term injury rate in the NFL. The padding only protects so much when you consider the extreme violence of the hits suffered time after time.

    There are many concussions suffered by NFL players, and a lot of brain damage that comes out over time. Thats in addition to the knee replacements and bad backs etc

    The NY Times has done some good work on that recently.

    Its by far the most dangerous of the big team sports.

  21. I’m sorry but it’s the lyrca I don’t get! When you see the state of rugby players ears and when was it…the Nations I think when some guy just casually walked off the field with blood gushing from an open head wound for stitches before rejoining the team..I have to wonder at just how tough our men are! I guess the Yanks just like to stay pretty boys ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. I couldn’t care less if Obama threw the baseball like a bowling ball so long as he continues to route the worst elements of the Republican Party.

  23. Rugby (American Football), rounders (baseball)…did you guys ever have an original concept of your own for sports?!

    Wednesday, April 7, 2010 at 01:58PM | Alison

    "yeah but they all involve guns"

    Troll, great riposte!

  24. Troll – it is a graveyard of political opponents who’ve failed to defeat him, so a whistling I will go.

  25. No question but that rugby is a very rough sport played by men’s men.

    But the NFL causes vastly more serious damage to many who play it. The human body was not meant to take the hits they take. Those pads would not protect you from getting hit by a car, and the force from a 350 pound back ( or sometimes two or more of them) would be akin to that of being hit by a motor vehicle, each and every week.

    That’s not meant as any kind of compliment to the NFL or those who run it. Quite the contrary. The sport is a disgrace.

  26. Mahons
    "Troll – it is a graveyard of political opponents who’ve failed to defeat him, so a whistling I will go."

    good you do that, it is not the politicians that I speak of, your in your isolated little enclave, where you think people like Phantom are conservatives.

    Health care went against the majority of the public but that was more a battle fought by pundits that the average people didn’t even want to crunch the details yet still 85%were against it.

    The average American does not realize yet what has really been done to them. It is dawning on them as the headlines of the stupid welfare recipients, the chronically unemployed and inbred stupid are going to doctors and hospitals saying Obama says I gots free health care, well give it to me. This is the intelligence level of the people that believe the same as you..lol

    What the rest of the country, you know the ones who get up and work everyday that have a child or a niece or nephew in the Military. They see the cuts in supply replenishment, the see the number of American deaths escalating each month since this gang took control, they see Iraq sliding backwards asking for help and a President that cares nothing about the blood we have shed to get it right, caring only about his withdraw tables. The American families that supply the members to the Military know that it was the politicians that lost Vietnam.

    The Average age of the Country is Older than Obama and they remember the cold war, They see Putin building missile bases in OUR Hemisphere, they see a president not just playing lip service or trading cuts in old weapons for old weapons instead they see a cut of all NEW weapons,

    They actually here the President say "we won’t nuke you if you attack us with biological weapons."

    He just scared the shit out of everybody, except the koolaid drinkers like your self.

    It is not the politicians he has to worry about, it is Joe Blow that has reached the point. OK we gave them a chance to do it their way, this guy acted like he knew he what he was doing, but it’s obvious we were wrong, and that he has NO Clue.

    The people are going to correct it. you can can live in denial all you want. Your one of the ones the rest of us in the nation are snickering at.

  27. This health care plan was unpopular for many good reasons but comprehensive health care reform was seen as a huge need by very large numbers of the voting public

    The Republicans and talk show booboisie had no plan and they might want to consider keeping their heads low. They let the Americans down more than Obama and his Chicago gang. And that’s saying something.

  28. Troll – You don’t have the numbers, or the argument or the candidate to defeat him.

  29. The problem is that many people think that the world is just like them

    Troll thinks that the average American is a rage and looking for their gun.

    The country is not like that, Troll. It’s just not.


    Putin is messing in our backyard, but we are most assuredly messing in his. Do keep that in mind.

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