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Meanwhile, in the Dark Continent

By ATWadmin On May 7th, 2010

When the Colonial Powers decided, or were reminded, or were indeed forced to relinquish control over their African possessions the dominoes commenced toppling from Libya south to Tanzania, from Nigeria in the west to Zanzibar and Tanzania in the east. France, Great Britain, Portugal, Belgium; all the once mighty Colonial powers handed control back to the owners of the nations which had grown under colonial rule.

Most if not all former Colonial states have shuffled from crisis to crisis, as repressive regimes sprang up in place of the usually beneficent rule of the various colonial rulers; we saw the Congo pillaged by Mobutu, we watched as Nigeria turned inwards to strangle the separatist hopes of the Ibos in Biafra; and we watched in silence as Zimbabwe tore itself to pieces. 

True, there have been small victories for common sense in countries such as Botswana, where there was a sense of democratic rule, but even there the treatment of the Bushmen, and the government grab of lands which historically belonged to the San people brings deep discredit upon that once respected Government.

We heard of the disappearance of the Shanty towns of South Africa after the ANC-dominated Government decided that they were unsightly, but discovered they were still there, but had been re-named ‘Informal Settlements’. A rose by any other name?

However, the disappearance of Colonial rule, and the consequent rise of rule by the indigenous people has not changed Africa one bit, apart from the fact that the rich now have different coloured skins from those who came before. That is, unfortunately the impression of one who has lived in that Continent, and has certain knowledge of the Genocide of millions in Rwanda, in Somalia, in Darfur in the Sudan. Knowledge too of the untold BILLIONs of dollars, pounds, francs and deutschmarks in Aid which have been poured into the parched soils of the Continent, for so little return.

When Alan Paton wrote his masterpiece, ‘Cry, The Beloved Country’, little could he know that his writings against Apartheid could be so well placed as to report upon the whole Continent.

2 Responses to “Meanwhile, in the Dark Continent”

  1. They wanted to look after themselves. Fine. Let them. No "aid", no intervention, no interference, no ‘rights’ to emigrate here, asylum, or preferential trade agreements. Buy and sell with them commercially but otherwise leave them to it. If their pirates try to hijack our ships, repatriate their remains in baskets.

    Walk away from them all, and let’s stick our head over the fence in a decade or two and see how they are doing.

  2. Africa, esp sub Sahara, has shown zero talent for self government.

    The worst move they ever made was chasing the evil colonialists out. Did wonders for the oul pride I suppose, but…look at the place.

    And now that the Europeans are long gone, the Chinese have rapidly stepped into the vacuum. They’re the new masters. No joke.