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Smile the Election is Over

By ATWadmin On May 7th, 2010

Our sincere felt condolences for our host. As I said David I commend you for having the courage that most men and woman don’t, you stepped into the pit of slime we call politics. You fought an honest fight and did damage to the status quo. Here are three songs with no meaning behind them only to bring a smile to your face.

13 Responses to “Smile the Election is Over”

  1. Cheers, and remember, I used to be disgusted but now I try to be amused….!

  2. David: You take your punches in the most gracious manner I have ever seen. I stand in awe.

    And Troll is correct, I believe. Even though you didn’t win, all the doors you knocked on, all those conversations you had made a difference, and will continue to resonate.

    I’m sure you’ll be back to fight again.

  3. Patty

    Cheers, I am not an easy man to knock down!

    However I do not think I want to fight on the political front again, my views on the electorate are way too dark!

    We have a short life, we must do what we feel is right, and that is all I have ever sought to do.

    Your kind wishes are appreciated.

  4. David – what others don’t dare to dream, you dared to do. Congratulations for entering the arena.

  5. mahons

    We now need you to run in NY!

    mahons for governor!

  6. my views on the electorate are way too dark!

    A few days ago you loved them!

  7. Petr, so what. Don’t be a simpleton.

  8. Patty, please refrain from personal abuse.

  9. Petr

    I judge people by what they do, not by what they say they will do.

  10. "Less than Zero"

    Be fair Troll, David managed to gather a few more votes than that 😉

  11. RS

    Ever heard "Watch your Step".

  12. Every Day I Write The Blog?

    Enjoy the weekend!

  13. "Man out of time"?!!