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Thirtysomethings could routinely conceive babies using IVF within a decade because it will have become better than sex as a means of reproduction, scientists have predicted.

Excuse me for disagreeing with scientists, but not while I’m about.

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  1. Heck,

    Sex takes a precious few minutes out of the life of the X Generation crowd that could be put to more productive (pun) use. Like texting and staying connected with your mates 24/7.

    Besides not every shot hits the target, so if you have to reload the magazine 20 or 30 times before a successful hit that could add up to an hour of down time.

    On second thought if you can text whilst behind the wheel of a complex machine like a BMW or Merc then why not when in the pelvic seat?

  2. Pete,

    Since our pleasure centre is in the brain, it won’t be too long until it’s possible to simulate the joy of sex without the, er, squelchy bits. You (well, maybe not you but folk in the future) will have it all without the need to change the sheets. So yes, it could be better than sex. And you won’t even need a partner.

    Q. Is sex dirty?
    A. Only when you do it properly.

    And do remember: A vasectomy means never having to say you’re sorry.

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