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The Pope has recently stated that the child abuse scandals which have and are rocking the Church are all due to ‘sins from within‘ the Church. 

Well, apart from stating the blindingly obvious, obvious that is who does not have tunnel vision par excellence, he should maybe advise the American Catholic Hierarchy, along with the New York State Catholic Conference, to show that they are listening to what the Boss has to say, and quit the lobbying and twisting being carried on in the New York State Legislature.

The peculiar nature of the threat given by the abusers makes most of the children simply withdraw from reality in terms of their abusers, and they often do not come forward for years, if not decades. The Catholic big hitters are trying to stifle moves to open up clamped legislation which would make things easier for complaints to be investigated, despite the long time which has elapsed.

Perhaps Pope Benedict could tell his underlings to hold their sticky hands away from the legislative process, and let true justice be done!

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2 thoughts on “Say it again, Ben.

  1. Mike,

    I came across a thought-provoking piece today, Why Is Anyone Still Catholic?

    The author says, "If your softball league or your children’s school did what the Catholic Church is doing, you’d quit in outrage. So why haven’t you?"

  2. Good piece – and it is a good question – why is anyone still a catholic.
    I do a lot of work for a youth sports organisation – it is where I have been all day today – our annual awards. If there was so much as a rumour of anyone of the coaches or officials doing what these priests have done, the club would be shut within a day.

    I was baptised a catholic, but Benedict XVI made it quite clear what he thinks of me. So he can put it in his pipe and smoke it. It is quite unbelievable what has gone on, and what the church did to cover up, to mislead, to hide its hideous record, from the authorities.

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