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It may be that a man who commands the seas the stop rising is expected to lower them also, thus making it a simple task to plug the Gulf oil leak. I don’t know, but the Living God has been drawing some flak over the business according to the BBC:

US President Barack Obama has defended his government’s handling of the huge oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico ….. The president’s comments came as questions were increasingly being asked about whether he had been sufficiently engaged in handling the disaster, says the BBC’s Adam Brookes in Washington.

What do people expect him to do, clamp a monkey wrench between his teeth, pop a roll of Duck Tape onto his wrist and dive down himself? Let’s have some perspective here. Accidents happen and a bloke in DC can only do so much. Whether we like it or not, we are beyond the realm of practical state coercion here.

The move comes after an opinion poll said 60% of Americans were unhappy with the government’s response.

He can threaten BP with a federal government wrath, but that doesn’t plug the hole. He can tell BP to get on with it, which he has done, but oil and physics can’t hear him. Maybe legal and financial threats will make some people feel better, but still the oil will gush. What else can he do?

He admitted the government did not have the technology to deal with the damaged oil well nearly a mile (1.6km) below the surface, meaning that Washington must rely on BP to plug the ruptured well.

It’s fair to say I’m not Obamses’ greatest fan. However the urgent task is technical and belongs to engineers who are trying their best – while no doubt knackered, unshaven and working around the clock – to plug the hole. For all the power that resides in the President, there’s nothing he or the federal government can do today to help. But if you like, what can he do?

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  1. I disagree, Pete. There are a couple of things that the Obama Administration should have and could have done when the explosion/leak occurred.

    Once the leak occurred, the Obama Administration instantly started to politicize the issue, making the spill BP’s fault. As if this was all that mattered. This blame game is a waste of time and energy.

    Instead, the Administration could have concentrated on locating the needed booms to contain the leaked oil floating on the water and to facilitate a burn-off. Also, the Obama Administration could have provided much needed assistance to Gov. Jindal and the Army Corps of Engineers who are building the "walls" to contain the oil on the hard shoreline, and to keep it from the wetlands.

    Per the NY Post:

    "Turns out the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration back in 1994 drafted plans for responding to a major Gulf oil spill, a response called "In-Situ Burn."

    Ron Gourget, a former federal oil-spill-response coordinator and one author of the draft, told the Times of London: "The whole reason the plan was created was so that we could pull the trigger right away." The idea was to use barriers called "fire booms" to collect and contain the spill at sea — then burn it off. He believes this could have captured 95 percent of the oil from this spill.

    But at the time of the Deepwater Horizon explosion, the federal government didn’t have a single fire boom on hand. Nor is there any evidence that the government required BP to have any clear plan to deal with a massive spill. How is this OK?

    The administration’s chief response so far was to send out Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to do his best impersonation of a totalitarian thug, proclaiming that the government would "have its boot on the throat of BP."’

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/opinion/opedcolumnists/where_was_plan_rlt5oDKad55hkqHe64BgqM#ixzz0pA48peH3

  2. I also heard that he insisted on a check on the other oil companies disaster equipment, so they did not release this to BP to help contain the oil as they were concerned about being attacked by teh government. That was just plain stupid…

  3. Patty –

    Sure, but I’m talking strictly of the business of stopping the leak, which BP may have achieved. If so, three cheers to their engineers for a magnificent technical feat which always would have been beyond the federal government.

  4. That would be the same Federal Govt that landed a man on the moon?



    Your heavyweight thinker friend Palin criticized Obama for being too soft on BP and brought up the subject of BP campaign contributions to Obama

    Now you say he was too hard on them initially

    You need to get your stories straight

  5. I totally agree, Pete. Accidents happen, and it’s not the Government who is going to fix the leak.

    I just didn’t want to let the Obamses off the hook, however. Especially since the Administration used the oil accident as a crises to be exploited for political purposes — putting the government "boot on the neck of BP,"
    and promoting windmills before the leak is even stopped. Besides protecting the shoreline is the responsibility of the govt. — I think the wetlands in danger are park lands, not privately owned.
    But the Administration seems indifferent as to the possible damage; they just want to cast blame.

  6. Jindal has been begging for federal help in this matter.

    "On May 2, Gov. Jindal requested that federal authorities and BP provide three million feet of absorbent boom, five million feet of hard boom and 30 ‘jack up’ barges. Of that, less than 800,000 feet of hard boom has arrived – less than a fifth of the request."

    He has also requested approval to build sand berms to protect the wildlife areas – which the feds have been completely unresponsive to. He has defiantly stated that he will build the berms whether he gets approval or not at this point.

    Obama is too goddamn busy campaigning, playing basketball and golf to even give the problem a second thought.

    Nobody is suggesting that Obama go out into the Gulf and plug the damn hole himself. (God forbid he should even go near it!!!) What people are pissed about is that he wields considerable power to direct resources to a disaster area. The federal government is limited in that it cannot swoop down on an area and take control in many ways – unless the state government requests help. The state government has been pleading for help (unlike the situation with Katrina, in which the state government at the time was derelict in its duty…) with NO RESPONSE from Obama. Rat bastard. His only concern is to make political hay out of the situation, and he is disgraceful for attempting to do that. Mr Finger Pointer – that’s what I call that little bastard!!!


  7. Obama’s finger pointing — the Administration’s thuggish "boot on the neck of BP" remark — the Administrations feet dragging to provide any of the equipment necessary to contain the oil — that’s what makes me mad. Jindal is begging the Fed government to get out of the way — to give him permission to build walls against the oil and Obama doesn’t even answer him because the Fed. wants an environmental study first! What a joke.

    No one but crazy Big Government liberals expect Obama and the Fed to fix the leak. Afterall, the Fed. can’t even deliver the mail well, how are they going to figure out how to plug this leak….but the minimum expectation is that they won’t stand in the way of people who can help, who do know what to do.

    Also, the hypocrisy of the lame-stream media is very apparent. After a whole month, finally, the liberal media wakes up and realizes the oil is still streaming in the Gulf!

  8. Let’s be cool, even though I’m confused now.

    Apparently Jindal is asking the federal government for loads of absorbant boom, while also begging the federal government to get out of the way.

    Republicans have been riding the Tea Party movement, so here’s some advice; tell Jindal to get on with with it and bill BP. Ignore the federal government and its agencies. Empower local actors to do the job and tell federal counterparts to stand aside – because you’re the Governor. Here’s an opportunity to demonstrate how irrelevent DC is to local affairs, so don’t stand around like you’re the Mayor of New Orleans.

  9. Jindal should get on with it, but you don’t ever want to give a blank check to any Louisiana politician, even one as apparently clean as Jindal is.

  10. Pete: I agree. And probably Jindal and every private citizen down there does too. It’s time to ignore the Federal govt., and BP, and do something to stop oil from destroying all of the wetlands.

    It’s very clear that Obama won’t protect the borders from illegals, and he won’t try to protect the borders from oil. His Administration is indifferent to such mundane concerns. They wish only for clear skies to carry on with their domestic transformation of the US.

  11. Pete! Dude! I can’t believe that you’re not getting this.

    Obama’s job at this time is to provide whatever assistance the federal government can muster to help alleviate the effects of this disaster on the shoreline of the United States of America. It is NOT his job to ‘plug the damn hole’, as he so executively experience-like demanded.

    The local governments and citizens of those states in danger are working their asses off to try to minimize the damage to the environment and the economies of those states. It is not unreasonable to expect that the federal government actually – in this case – do it’s damn job!

    It’s not about big-governmnet/small-government arguments. This is a legitimate function of the federal government – to assist and make resources available to a disaster area!

    I’m starting to get pissed off about people making this a "’TEA Party’ small government – what the hell is wrong with you" argument.



  12. Some of these guys think small government means no government. No so. Monica is right.

  13. Monica: I do get your point. But consider the following.

    Cowboys in Arizona are considering riding the border on horseback – daily – to keep out intruders. This would work a lot better than the Fed’s tepid promises to protect the border with technology or what-have-you. If the govt. won’t/can’t do it, they should step out of the way and let private citizens do it. (and refund my tax dollars)

    The wetlands in LA are in the same predicament. To hell with the Feds. They will not do it. Govt. bureaucrats cannot/will not respond and Our Dear Leader, Obama, is playing golf, for chrissakes. He’s useless and should step out of the way.

    We should shrink the Fed. govt. – it has become a useless, destructive, expensive monstrosity.

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