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Remember when the pond-sucking scum called the Labour Government decided that we would all be better off if all our NHS records could be viewed online, and they authorised £12 billion so the system could be built. They also stated that the records would be totally secure. That promise was made before Customs & Excise lost 26 miilion records at the same time.

When the ConDom Government came in to power, everyone expected the scythes on spending to slash through all the big IT projects which were in their sights, but lo-and-behold, the NHS Spine record database continues.

Now just a little time ago, I advised all in the ATW family to opt-out of the records system, and now you might see why I advised this action. It seems as though all the IT systems throughout the whole NHS network are all secured the same way, by a ‘smart card’ issued to each individual ‘cleared person’. UNFORTUNATELY, all cards in Essex, for example, had the same PIN for everyone.

In Leeds, a management warning stated  “70,000 examples were detected of inappropriate access of IT systems by trust staff This took the form of wholesale sharing and passing on of system log-in identifications and passwords. The system misuse was widespread across departments, sites and disciplines.”

As I advised, opt-out now.

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3 thoughts on “Told you so!

  1. OH Mike,

    You bad, nasty, Conservative lad. Ye best mend your ways.

    Peter and Petr have spoken.

    Being the **"Patriarchs of Sanctimony" how could they be incorrect?

    ** Not to be confused with "The Sultans of Swing".

  2. If you wish to comment upon the post, without obscenity, no problem.

    If you comment upon the poster, you will not do it upon my posts!

  3. Eddie,

    My only query would be who, or what, are the ‘Sultans of Swing’?

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