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Read another post from a blog which David referred to on a previous post.

Seems as though the owner of what is now a successful Engineering and Tooling company was checking through his mail, and read of three ‘Unsuccessful Bid Notifications’ for Defence Procurement for the Department of Defense Logistics Agency. Nothing surprising there, you may think, but you might blink when the destination of two out of the three notices went to Turkish companies.

Seems as though the ‘rules’ don’t apply when the bidder is Turkey, because despite the ‘Buy America’ rules the DLA accepts that “Turkey is classified as a ‘qualifying country’ under the Buy American Act.” So, a company based in Ankara, Turkey is now more qualified to bid than an American company despite the vast difference in salaries, ethics and basic loyalty to the Buyer. Also  “It is DoD policy that the Buy American Act (BAA) restrictions are inconsistent with the public interest in the acquisition of qualifying country end products and do not apply.”

So a company, based in an Islamic country which is fast allying itself with the wide-eyed zealots in Iran and Syria, gets a better slice of the cake that Americans. Sounds just like New Labour!

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