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Well, Mr. Cameron,

apart from this,

as well as this,

and not discounting this,

as well as these lads who helped a bit

and remembering well that these men fought and many died;

We didn’t do too badly as a ‘Junior partner’; but there again, you weren’t even a glint in your grandfather’s eye, so it is quite likely you weren’t told of the true requirements for a Partnership!

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8 thoughts on “a junior partner responds…

  1. Don’t be too hard on the boy. The record of our fighting men and their supporting services is second to none, but be careful because the record of our politicians in throwing those men into needless wars is also second to none. War is the pursuit of political aims by other means, and so useless are our politicians that our blood is always shed liberally around the globe. Witness the record of the late Gramsciite/NuLab affliction, tailing along behind their senior partners, and waging war by deceit, deception, misrepresentation and the liberal shedding of the peoples’ blood as being of little account.

  2. Cameron really did dodge the bullet after making that remark, didn’t he?

    Given a ‘free ride’ by nearly all the media, he lives to fight another day.

    Perhaps he has forgotten, or perhaps doesn’t even know of the poem – "Lest we forget", – equally applies in this instance, let me assure him, this (and please don’t insult us all, by calling it a ‘slip of the tongue’), remark will come back to haunt him when he least expects it?

    How convenient that David Davis was ‘overheard’ criticising the coaltion! and taking the media glare from Snooty.

  3. Cameron was right to defend the patently obvious truth that in any joint venture today we would clearly be the junior partner to the US, but it was daft of him to bring up WW2 in relation to the topic.

  4. Colm,

    Quite so, – but he isn’t very good at thinking ‘on his feet’, is he? A case of his mouth working without his brain(?) being in gear.

  5. Colm –

    Maybe so, but it was Cameron’s statement that we were a junior partner in 1940 which is particularly revealing. No-one with a love of country or fascination for a our island story would make such a basic error.

    Cameron isn’t othered by it, or course. Like Blair he’s a PR man to whom facts and history are cheap furniture, just something to shift about as it suits.

  6. Yes indeed.

    I wonder how much history has Cameron actually studied in his priveleged education – Eton and Oxford.

  7. Let’s give Cameron the benefit of the doubt. By the end of WW2 we really were the junior partner, and history will recall us as being the junior partner in the overall allied coalition that secured the world’s freedom in that conflict.

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