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Anyone been following the bizarre appearance by Naomi Campbell at a War Crimes trial in The Hague? It seems our Naomi was given what she alleges were “dirty looking stones” by associates of tyrant Liberian Charles Taylor, turns out they were diamonds or “blood diamonds” to be precise.

Ms Campbell said she was sleeping in her room later that night when there was a knock at the door. “Two men were there and gave me a pouch and said: ‘A gift for you’,” she said. The men did not introduce themselves. She said she put the pouch next to her bed without looking inside it – something she claimed was not unusual since she frequently receives gifts from admirers, and went back to sleep.

Must be dandy to be a supermodel! The only “rocks” I am likely to receive are made of granite and are likely to be hurled in my direction!

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  1. Given Naomi’s famed temper, I am surprised she didn’t react badly to being woken up and hurled the ‘rocks’ back at the 2 blokes.

  2. What an odious little man Taylor is. Liberia and Sierra Leone are beautiful parts of the world. I’d recommend them to any traveller. Avoid the fish market in Monrovia though !

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