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The humour is just a bit heavy on the sarcasm in the titles and commentary, but I thought ATW readers may well appreciate the video:-

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4 thoughts on “Truly, a terrible prison camp, Mr. Cameron!

  1. How can those poor downtrodden people live like that, being oppressed in such a brutal way by a foreign government. What about their human rights? No-one should be forced to live in such squalor.

    We must organise another human rights flotilla to bring them emergency supplies as it is quite obvious that the entire population is at death’s door.

    As usual the agressors make themselves out to be the victims – it’s just like here (apart from the sand and the sunshine).

  2. It must make you feel very uncomfortable when you see an oppressed and persecuted people managing to improve their lot against the odds, the same way it must have frustrated you when catholics in the north did the same thing.

  3. Fenian,

    That is exactly why the nationalists align themselves with the downtrodden masses of Gaza – sure aren’t you both involved in the same struggle against governmental oppression?? Freedom fighters to be sure – armed with rockets and AK47’s.

    And that is why the Unionists support Israel – the only difference between their government and ours is that they take no shit from anyone. Can you see Israel opening the gates of it’s prisions, letting the criminals leave, and then inviting them to join the government if they promise to behave and stop murdering their citizens?????? I know which system of government works better.

    In the early 1970’s, Israel had a string of their El Al planes hijacked by terrorists, so often that they put armed sky marshals onto every aircraft. 3 terrorists were then captured by the sky marshals as they tried to hijack a plane, tied up in the front seats, and had their throats cut by the marshals before the plane landed. Guess how many El Al planes have been hijacked since. That’s right, zero. It’s called fighting fire with fire, and it works.

    If our Government had taken a leaf from Israel’s book, we wouldn’t have terrorist godfathers in positions of power now, and the dissidents in prison would be shitting themselves for a different reason.

  4. OS

    Look up Jewish Terrorism and you will find plenty of ex jewish terrorists who found themselves in Government after the state was created……….Blows your whole argument out of the water !

    As for unionists supporting israel, its hardly surprising considering international opinion of both israel and unionism is practically identical.

    Forever more Nationalists/Republicans will always be part of Government in The north

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