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By ATWadmin On April 6th, 2007

Given the nature of this day, Good Friday, the title of this selection appealed to me. It’s a lovely melody and romantic to boot! Hope you all enjoy it….

11 Responses to “ATW FRIDAY JUKEBOX”

  1. Beautiful song, a bit overplayed, but one of the best of a very good lot.

  2. Cunningham,

    I was also looking for the original "Sorry seems to be the hardest word" but couldn’t find it. It is also lovely, great lyrics and charming melody. Elton is a great musician, regardless of what else one may think of him. Bernie Taupen also provided apt lyrics for the songs.

  3. David: I could him at least 15 years ago at Madison Square Garden in New York thinking he was probably too old then and he was great. Good Choice.

  4. The first concert I ever went to with my (then girlfriend) now wife was to see Elton back in 1978. He was great then and whilst his voice has deteriorated a little, he is still worth listening to. The back catalogue is superb.

  5. Although his style is mostly not to my personal taste, I respect Elton John as a gifted pianist, vocalist and composer. "Sacrifice" is not one of my favourites of his, I prefer "I’m Still Standing", and "Song for Guy".

  6. My favourite of his is "Daniel", a beautiful and tender song about love between two men.


  7. "Love Lies Bleeding" is one of my favourites.

  8. I love "Burn Down the Mission", although I had thought that Frank O’Dwyer had written that.

  9. David: that was beautiful. I hadn’t heard it in a long time.

    Mahons: OMG! We have something in common (gasp!) "Burn Down the Mission" is one of my favorites. Think I’ll go see if I can find it to listen to.

  10. See Patty, I ain’t all bad.

  11. I am surprised that Monica and Troll didn’t chime in on this one to mention "Philadelphia Freedom" 🙂