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Well we managed to rid Afghanistan of a Little League Team. 9 boys, age 7 to 12 were killed by American Forces who mistook them for Militants. The boys were taking a moment in a lull in the fighting to gather firewood. Now they are dead. General Petraeus issued a rare apology (which I’d equate to John Belushi’s apology after smashing the guitar in Animal House – Sorry About that.).
Can soemone tell me what benefit it would have been if the 9 had actually been militants? How much closer would we be to an end in that absurd and costly war? We all know, no further.

Can we please end this debacle and bring the troops home. Now. Today.

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18 thoughts on “General Petraeus or Dr. Zaius? Which One Is Less Credible?

  1. Petraeus is an honorable man.

    I would not question the nature of the apology.

    The only worse thing that staying in Afghanistan may be the leaving of it. Things didn’t work out so well the last time.

  2. “The only worse thing that staying in Afghanistan may be the leaving of it. Things didn’t work out so well the last time.”

    Good point, the Afghans seem to revel in their backwardness and venality. The only real questions are how long does the US have to support the fantasy of building some sort of nominally functional Afghanistan government and how long does it take for the Afghans to degenerate into their preferred state of Sharia law, women in bags, cosanguinity, virulent tribalism, corruption, wide spread heroin use, paedophilia, and other sorts of cruelity and barbarism. Not that those things aren’t going on now, just less so than before.

  3. Can we please end this debacle and bring the troops home. Now. Today.

    Yes. We are sacrificing our soldiers to the Neo-Con fantasy of buliding democracy in tribal societies.

    Negoiate a decent withdrawal. This will mean the Taliban becoming part of the Afghan government, but with guarantees that Afghanistan will not become AQ homeland again. It can be done, and it is also inevitable.

  4. It will be awful to leave the country back to all of that.

    It may happen. But if it does that too needs to be done with an unblinking eye. The return of a people to a permanent darkness, when some of them have things a lot better now than they did say in the year 2000.

  5. Anyone who wants a clear idea of what many Afghans would go back to if we leave there might want to rent Kandahar the movie.

    I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind on the issue of withdrawal – but if we abandon a large part of a population, again lets do it with no illusions of any kind.

    It is a horrible culture, and I’m glad its not me who must make the decisions.

  6. Phantom –

    Maybe so, but American pilots have just killed nine Afghan boys. I doubt Afghans this weekend are wondering about American efforts to overcome a horrible culture in Afghansitan.

    Flip these incidents around. It’s very easy, simply imagine foreign gunships killing nine American boys in America and tell us what you’d think.

    That’s what Afghans think right now.

  7. >>It’s very easy, simply imagine foreign gunships killing nine American boys in America<<

    A bit late for that, I'd say. Even if that universal truth of foreign invasions and occupations (Bloody Sunday?) hadn't been known even to the dullest, and those who authorised these invasions were the dullest of the dull, it should at the latest have been realised after about a year or so and before the invasion of Iraq.

  8. Whata want Patraeus to do besides say: “Sorry”?

    Should Obama order a Nebraska little league team blown up on purpose in a gory vindication for an accident?

    You know, do the old voluntary eye-for-an-eye trick like they portrayed in the movie “Fail-Safe”

    War is Hell, and this is an example of this war’s Collateral damage……………..AKA: Shit Happens!

    Suck it up and get over it Mahons.

  9. They can’t be that backward if they can finance, arrange and implement a huge, multi-skilled project like 9/11 and coordinate it all – from a cave.

    Putting aside the gigantic mineral wealth of Afghanistan (I was told directly, in London 2005, by a couple of execs from Anglo-American that they are extremely interested in Afghanistan) and the geographical location at the heart of the Asian land mass, exactly why are American soldiers and Afghan children being killed?

  10. For goodness sake Phantom!
    If people want to live that way, LET THEM!
    There’s an old saying,
    “You can take some people out of the slums,
    but you can’t take the slums out of those people.”

    Look at Haiti.
    You’ve seen the pictures.
    Garbage everywhere, pooing and weeing in the same water they use to cook and wash with…
    Tell me,
    What stops able bodied men and women clearing up the environment?
    What stops them from organising themselves so as to take rudimentary health precautions?

    Why do the Afghan people put up with barbaric primitive practices and conditions?
    The will of Allah!
    If you believe that everything is the will of Allah, there is NO ROOM for human endeavour and advancement because you are in effect fighting against the will of God. The only thing man can do is fight to ensure ALL peoples submit to the will of Allah…

    I say let them get on with it. Get our people out of there, stop trying to impose our values and freedoms on people who only want what our beliefs produce -not our values.

  11. Allan

    The Afghan Taliban did none of those things.

    The Egyptians and Saudis in Al Queda organized and implemented the 9/11 attacks.

    The Afghan regime gave them sanctuary, even after the events of 9/11 were known- which makes them just as bad as Al Queda.

  12. Phantom – you’re correct. It was al-Qaeda which ran the op from the cave in Afghanistan. The hi-tech cave complex of Tora Bora was the nerve centre of it all.

  13. Peter,
    the US military has a long record of unfortunate hits on friendlys, allies and non-combatants.
    One can’t really blame them. Accidents are going to happen when you try to keep your own casualties to a minimum. I suspect the British have their disasters too, but we dn’t hear about them..
    Frankly, ANYTHING negative will serve to reinforce deeply held convictions. Even if NOTHING went wrong, these people would still find fault.
    We shouldn’t be interfering in other people’s disputes, nor trying to impose our own beliefs on them. That is sheer arrogance. If they want to march round a big black stone, chop people’s limbs off and pray seven times a day.. let them.

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