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We are , in this age of twenty-four hour news, fully informed as a Nation. At least, those of us who actually think, are informed. As to the use we put all this information; well, that is another story all together. The relevance of that remark can be placed in the context of a question: ‘What was the single most damaging news story in the last three years?’

To this writer, as well as many others, that story was the Daily Telegraph’s exposé of the thefts, frauds and cynical abuse of the ‘Rules’ by Westminster M.P.s, but, nearly three years on from that explosion of anger throughout this Nation, can we honestly admit that things have changed? Of course we can’t. Yes, a few of the more open frauds and thefts were punished, some of the culprits resigned, but the bulk of the top tiers of  both Labour and Conservative Parties remain exactly as they were before May 8th 2009. We have to ask ourselves, who is to blame for that situation?

Are we in this place because we refuse to admit to ourselves that the vast bulk of our political class, of the senior Government civil service, as well as the top tier of Local government, are in it for what they can get out of it, for the jobs in the Private sphere once Government or Council service is complete; for the money which can be squirreled legally away for favours done?  Are we so complacent that we can read of an ex-Prime Minister and multi-millionaire getting really, really close to an African ruler who was probaly complicit in the murder of tens of thousands of his countrymen, and just turn the page?

Do we read of the manner in which multi-billion pound Defence contracts are negotiated without even a second bidder’s involvement without at least questioning the propriety of such deceit?

Allow me to list a few of the happenings which should have held our attention in the past week:-

  • The Chinese Government’s thuggish crackdown on the slightest murmurings of protests.
  • Yemeni leaders attempt to stem the flow of protesters.
  • Death and terror in Libya
  • Mass demonstrations in Egypt’s Tahrir square.
  • Tunisian and Libyan migrants swarm to the Italian island of Lampedusa.
  • ‘Jihadi’ murders in Germany against American soldiers.
  • Saudi Arabia calls up ten thousand reservists to stem ‘freedom protests’.
  • Bahraini rulers commence talks with Opposition.
  • A sit-in and ‘Dissappearance’ by Lawmakers in Wisconsin.

But what are we fed by our very own BBC Today programme in Prime Time this morning?

A five-minute slot on how the ‘adorable dogs’ are faring whilst on stage in a West End production!


I rest my case!

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One thought on “Bread, and circuses!

  1. I still can’t believe anyone pays a license fee for such tripe. The scary part is that all too many American’s e.g. Morley Schaefer of 60 Minutes idolizes the BBC for its ‘quirky’ programming(these same groups also tend to ignore the bias of the BBC). If the Yanks are on the verge of defunding NPR and CPB, then y’all should be able to make the BBC stand on its own.

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