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Did you read that detailed plans of the personal office of European Union foreign affairs supremo Baroness Cathy Ashton has revealed a vast empire of more than 100 highly-paid Eurocrats?

A diagram of the command structure of the European External Action Service – effectively Brussels’ new diplomatic corps – confirmed that dozens of officials have been recruited. EU pen pushers have been charged with forging diplomatic links with every part of the globe. And bureaucrats have been given roles with bizarre job descriptions, including overseeing “horizontal affairs” and “strategic communication”.

The sprawling EU foreign affairs office – set up as a result of the controversial Lisbon Treaty – has a budget of more than £400million a year but that figure is tipped to rise to £2.5billion as the organisation grows. And details of the senior staff joining the organisation triggered more criticism of former Labour peer Baroness Ashton, the first Eurocrat to take up the unelected foreign affairs role.

In essence, Ashton is a tyrant. She carries no electoral mandate yet she lavishes ££millions of our taxes on her anti-democratic diplomatic corp, established via the “harmless” Lisbon Treaty. Each month that passes, she will seek to extend the tendrils of the EUSSR into relacing the offices of the Nations States by imposing a EUROPEAN diplomatic service that answers to her and her associates but which does not answer the people. This slow burn traducing of the principles of democratic government is abhorrent and yet it is very much the hallmark of the EU.

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11 thoughts on “CATHY’S CLOWNS…

  1. Broadly speaking, western democracies have individually and collectively resolved themselves into two component groups.
    a) (the largest group), is known as the “Electorate”.
    But their real function is to conform, consume and contribute taxes so that the second group can continue to rule.
    They are not required to do or be anything else. They serve as camouflage to the smaller group who actually control everything in partnership with other small but powerful entities.

    b)This controlling group is made up of politicians, bankers, industrialists and special interest groups. They use social engineers and the media, to guide and sedate the “Electorate” into compliance.

    So we should really not be surprised when the EU, created by and endorsed by the politicians set up all kinds of agencies, using the “milch cow” to fund the costs and a compliant media to convince them that they should obey….

  2. Baroness Ashton … ‘Labour peer Baroness Ashton’ ” A Peer ‘ to whom, exactly?

    Are we not to look up to our ‘Peers’ ?

    Have we really stooped that low!

    Baroness Ashton, apart from her face requiring a good ironing, and an injection of intelligence, i really fail to see the point of her worthless existence?

  3. I have four daughters, and two sons .. a sort of full time job, a Slovak wife who is 18 years younger than me, a very hectic social life, so although i enjoy my time and the cyber company of just about all on ATW, ( apart from the resident lefties) even i have my limits of tolerance, at times, real life and all its turmoils, take precedent?

    Good evening by the way.

  4. Good evening Harri!
    I shall er, leave you er,
    to your many distractions…. 😉

  5. Agit8ed,
    I think that you have chosen a good way to illustrate your contention. It strikes a chord.

  6. a Slovak wife who is 18 years younger than me..

    So presumably her face does not require “a good ironing”?

  7. No, but it will not be many more years, before mine might require one?
    its not my face i am worried about though, it’s maintaining the energy?

    Czech, Slovak girls/women, are some of the most beautiful females on the planet, and yes my wife is one of them.

    What was the question again ! oh yeah Communist Ashton EU stooge, we need a revolution!

  8. Gulp?

    How could i ?

    My Slovak daughters are stunning too, all with green eyes, clever too, between my wife and girls, they speak (fluently) English, German, Russian, Flemish, Hungarian, Czech ( more or less same as Slovak & Serbian, so i get can ear-ache times 6 in 8 different languages? and it’s painful.

  9. Strange, isn’t it. My wife is Slovene and beside her native language speaks English, German, Italian and Serbo-Croatian fluently and can handle a conversation in Russian and Dutch.

    Slovak girls are legendary, but the real beauts among the Slavs are IMO the lijepe hrvatski djevojke.

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