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The utter dysfunctionality of the Stormont government is laid bare in these simple statisitics;

The total number of people waiting for a first outpatient appointment at the end of December 2010 was 124,589. This represents an increase of 42,019 (+50.9%) on the number waiting at the same time last year (82,570).

Got that, a 50% INCREASE year on year? Is that your idea of good effective government in action?

Now, how about those who have to wait 9 weeks or longer?

Hang on. Let’s review what the Health Ministry says the number should be, shall we?

The 2010/11 Ministerial target relating to outpatient waiting times states that by 31 March 2011, no patient should wait longer than nine weeks for a first outpatient appointment.

So, how’s it going? Remenber, ZERO is the declared target.

At the end of December 2010, there were 54,472 (43.7%) patients waiting more than nine weeks for a first outpatient appointment, of which 37,655 were waiting more than 13 weeks. The number of patients waiting longer than nine weeks represented an increase of 2,146 on the figure for the previous quarter (52,326), and was up 38,757 on the corresponding quarter in 2009 (15,715).

Got that?

To those who come here and whinge about TUV demands for a better form of Government, can you EXPLAIN the above figures given that the level of spend in the local NHS is at all an time high?

Time for YOU to all face the facts that it isn’t working and that change must come – or else expect even more thousands to join the waiting lists, the dole queues – the factual output of the Executive.

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7 thoughts on “ON THE LOCAL NHS

  1. My haven’t you fallen behind. These figures represent first appointments, then there is the major problem of what happens AFTER the first appointment. Remember the furore over Craigavon? Yes – meeting government targets of first appointments and then binning them or putting them ‘into a black hole’. The issue of clerical staff making decisions abover their pay grade. Don’t you remember? No.

    This post shows your total lack of being updated on relevant issues. The health service has been saying that they’re on the brink of bankruptcy for some time now.

    Then of course what do you care about the NHS. Don’t you disagree with sovietized health care? Aren’t you totally against it, or is that you were against it but now its a lever in your favour in order to be a toad in toad hall…

    Cellophane men in the TUV. Do try and keep up with the issues now, especially with being ‘one of the people’, and we await all those jobs you promised East Belfast and on top of that what you are all going to deliver for upper Bann from ‘opposition benches’. LOL. You guys have zero chance in the pissing competition come May. Time for TUV to face that fact.

  2. David,

    Have you suddenly become a fan of the NHS and ‘socialised health care?”

    Do you still feel the free market is the best and only way to provide health care?

  3. Nothing to say on the total failure of DUP/Sinn Fein to meet stated targets.
    Nothing to say about the tens of thousands of outpatients who wait.
    Nothing to say about why, despite the biggest spend ever, the local NHS is “bust”
    Nothing to say about the factual failures of the Executive.
    Nothing to say about the failure to deliver for patients.
    The cheerleaders for the present mediocrity throw pathetic straw-men in the wind but no takers here.

  4. Oh I concur with you on 1-5. It is a travesty.

    Do you think it i worsening because of the Tory cuts David?

    And, do you still recommend free market solution to the provision of health care?

  5. Pinky

    1. Socialised heath care is what we have, we pay plenty for it, so WHY are 50% more patients waiting for a first appointment given that the cash being paid IN to the NHS is at an all time high. TUV simply seeks better delivery and unlike the bunch of outgoing MLA’S WE have not presided over it. They have. Who carries responsibility – them or us?
    2.Conservative/Lib-Dem cuts are a response to Labour recklessness.
    3. TUV recommends that structural change takes place in NI using the model we have in order to make the best of what is there. In case you missed it, the TUV is standing for election, not ATW.
    4. If something keeps failing, do you persist with failure? For example, the NHS has spent twice as much on penpushers than doctors in recent years. We say that is not good enough and is a waste of cash. Do you differ? If you want change, you vote for it. If you want business as usual – delivering record waiting lists. vote for it.

  6. Great post David.

    The central point is that the NHS is failing in Northern Ireland, BEFORE any cuts have been implemented. Fresh thinking is needed on how to improve service delivery. But instead, we have the spectacle of a clueless bag of cats at Stormont.

  7. Thanks Peter.

    I want optimised service delivery for patients. I can’t see how anybody can say that what we have works so let’s get a change at Stormont, fresh modern patient focused thinking and making sure the money is going where it does most good. I am NOT being ideological here but real practical -let’s get effective delivery first and last.

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