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Multi-millionaire filmmaker, Michael Moore, showed up in Madison, Wisconsin this weekend to march behind the bag pipes – arms linked –  in a great bit of street theater designed to demonstrate solidarity with the bloated Wisconsin Public Employee Unions.  (ht: breitbart tv)

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4 thoughts on “Fat Cats Unite!

  1. So the state legislature is in gridlock. The elected tax-eaters are at war with the employed tax-eaters, no laws, no new taxes, regulations and state directives are being passed, the governor threatens some of the elected tax-eaters with arrest and an elected (Democrat) tax-eater is manhandled and thrown to the ground by uniformed tax-eaters when trying to enter the legislature.

    Wisconsin has suddenly become Pete Moore Heaven.

  2. isn’t that the brother/comrade of the state employed sandbag we saw in an earlier post..? 🙂

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