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A couple of weeks ago, I was considering whether to upgrade my digital camera, so I did what nearly everyone does, in these days of T’Internet; I went online, and googled and searched until I found what I reckoned would most suit my needs, and of course within my budget.

But over the next days, I discovered many images on my screen which are, to me, profoundly disturbing. We all have seen the many adverts which blink and wink back at you from your screens; mainly I ignore them, knowing that their presence is just an annoying inevitability. But, and I believe it is a big ‘BUT’, I really dislike adverts targeted at me because of prior searches. Suddenly I saw advert after advert telling me of one product only, and that was of course digital cameras!

I pride myself on a fairly active mind, and thus am hopefully immune to the blandishments from t.v., radio and internet advertising. I can honestly state that I have as least enough resistance to the ‘siren calls’ as the next man, with the advantage that I constantly ask myself two questions when considering purchase.

First I ask if I, or rather we, need it? Secondly I ask is it worth it? But through this process of self-discussion is a strong thread of common sense. How is the product made? Where is it made? Are there better equivalents available? Is price a factor? Many things fit into this stream of thought, during a buying process which can take seconds, sometimes days or weeks. But hopefully none of the processes involve a suggestion made by a carefully-crafted and placed advert which itself was generated by a previous online search!

As the ever-excellent Big Brother Watch site states, the latest idea is to slide ‘cookies’ in where we don’t expect them, and then our ‘surfing’ does the rest. Visit the Adobe site, click on the panels as suggested, and keep the bastards away from your minds and your wallets.

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4 thoughts on “Tick box √……..Fetch Credit Card…√

  1. Mike thanks for the advice and the link to BBWatch.

    At first the ads seem quite clever, – selecting links that may be of relevant interest, As usual, it is more in the advertisers interest than the reader’s, and as a result end up being no more than a pesky nuisance.

  2. Mike –

    I’m sure there’s a techie name for it. I noticed the same thing a while ago after reading online reviews of tents. Immediately, every page I looked at had adverts for tents.

    “Hang on”, I thought, cos I’m sharp like that, “something’s up”.

    Now I clear the history and cookies and run ccleaner after doing anything online.

  3. Any websites which host pop up ads, blinking ads or offensive ads are dead to me. One strike and you’re out.

    I used to do email through yahoo and I was furious at the pop up and flashing ads that they had years ago.

    I switched to the simpler gmail as soon as I could.

  4. Considering the sites that I visit I ought to be inundated with adds!! However I use Firefox with the Adblock Plus, Flashblock, and Better Privacy Add Ons. I’m rarely bothered by intrusions, and the few that do get past can be stopped from loading with LeechBlock. I have Firefox configured to clear all bar a few cookies on closure, I don’t keep browsing history either. Better Privacy removes the persistent cookies that not many people know about. On the rare occasions I’ve had to use Internet Exploder I can’t believe how much crap there is out there…

    Once a week I run CCleaner, followed by Defraggler to keep things running smoothly.

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