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You have to watch this video and listen to how stupid this fat commie bastard is.  First he say’s the country is not broke, and Wisconsin is not broke. Which in one sense is true, but just like the Federal Government the State Government’s books are out of balance. Due to communist policies that have been implemented in our government bodies since the turn of the 20th century.

You can not spend more than you have, and you can’t pay people what they have not earned. If you listen to Moore in this clip he provides us with a perfect case study of why communism has never and will never work, and for those that want to try and split hairs don’t bother socialism is communism.

He starts with the base premise that there is only a finite amount of cash. Just as you’ll hear other commies talk about getting their piece of the pie, and others having an unfair portion of the pie. This belief is one of the keystones of the commie pinko mentality.  There is only one pie and the greedy business, and land owners control to much of the pie. Well the wealth of any nation or company is NOT a finite pie. All nations and all businesses are bakeries. The amount of pie to spread around the table is controlled by the amount of pie you produce.

The second keystone that Moore hits on is that the people “allow” the pie to be controlled by a few people. The people have no authority to allow or disallow anything. The only thing anyone is “allowed” to control is what they have earned or produced themselves. YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO OTHER PEOPLES STUFF, no one owes you anything.

Building on this flawed belief Moore states that we need to view these jobs as something we own, and corporations can’t steal their jobs and take them some place else. Once again the I’m entitled mentality.  The company owes you nothing, if they give you a job and you do that job, and they pay you for it, that is all that you are owed.

If you create a situation that makes the cost of employing you more than your value of input to the finished product than the company owes itself, its shareholders or in the case of a government its tax payers a fiduciary responsibility to get rid of you and either replace you with someone that will work for the proper amount, or cut the excess out of what you are being compensated.

The best part of all this, is this blowhard represents another key problem with communism. There are always those that will play on and manipulate the stupid. Moore is the perfect example. He split the profits of Fahrenheit 911 with the two producers of the movie. Moore’s share was 20 million, never mind that he still felt that he was ripped off and filled suit to get another 2 1/2  Mil. out of the producers. What is important is that he kept the 20 million. If he followed what he preached that 20 million would have been equally divided amongst him, the grips, the sound workers, the set people, the actors, etc. etc, but of course it wasn’t. Sheeple do as I say not as I do.  These are always the types you find at the head of any commie movement.

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4 thoughts on “Commie Lard Ass

  1. ‘Commie fat lard arse bastard’ .. yes.

    Stupid .. no, he is worth millions?

    And now, the ‘Commie fat lard arse bastard’ can be as righteous as he pleases .. and still not give a toss.

  2. We are in the ‘Era’ of the socialist’s .. so there are plenty of them about?

    More’s the pity.

  3. He is the Rush Limbaugh of the American Left.

    Belligerent loudmouth spokesmen for the anti-intellectual wings of the two major political tendencies.

    Absolute equals in every respect.

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