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In Northern Ireland, 182,423 people currently receive Disability Living Allowance — 103,500 of these people are of working age. Northern Ireland is more dependent on the UK social security budget than other regions. In part this is the result of years of higher levels of disadvantage or need. While morbidity here is higher than in other regions, the differences are not large enough to justify all the working-age people deemed to qualify for DLA.

Why might this be? Well…..

A top judo coach who won a bronze medal in the sport at the Commonwealth Games was claiming Disability Living Allowance (DLA) at the time, a court heard. Martin Sloane (47), who had once said it took him 10 minutes to walk six metres, was receiving the highest level of the benefits when he took the award in an over-40s section of the judo championships in 2006. Sloane was caught by benefits investigators who filmed him at judo coaching sessions.

The accused, from River Court, Dunmurry, outside Belfast, pleaded guilty yesterday to failing to |inform authorities about a change in his circumstances in April 2002.

Of course it is NOT just Dunmurry that has DLA benefit frenzy……one in five people in west Belfast claim this benefit. I wonder could there be any abuse going on – do you think.

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15 thoughts on “THE DLA SCAMMERS

  1. “One in five people in west Belfast claim this benefit”

    What’s the source for this stat David and do you have comparable stats for North, East & South Belfast?

  2. If people are claiming benefit in such large numbers (one in five in West Belfast)then it is probable that many are claiming falsely. I would suggest a revamped investigation branch be introduced.

  3. That would indicate that over 10% of the population is taking this benefit.

    Are only adults eligible for it? Then, much more than 10% if taking the benefit

    Either way, sounds like a whole lotta scammin’ goin’ on.

  4. >>What’s the source for this stat David and do you have comparable stats for North, East & South Belfast?<<

    Actually, I believe the situation in David's former constituency is even worse.

    In East Belfast as a whole, only less than half of all households live primarily from working income, the rest from benefits and pensions. In Ballymacarret one in three people depend on handouts.

    http://www.ebcda.org/leading/Main Report.pdf

  5. Here in NYC, there is much scamming by police and firemen, including those who run marathons or take strenuous jobs after they retire on disability.

    The Brits are the ultimate soft touch though. Everyone’s a disabled victim!

  6. I know they are the facts. It’s also a fact that West Belfast has the highest rate of deprivation of any electoral ward:


    Deprivation and benefit dependancy are closely linked.

    It’s interesting that you specifically mention West Belfast in a story that has absolutely no connection to the area yet when Noel demonstrates that the situation is worse in the east of the city you dismiss it as whataboutery.

  7. Kinda hard not to mention Dunmurry as that’s were the guy was from.Dunmurry bore some relation to the story unlike West Belfast.

  8. I think it is important to investigate waste in all areas, includig benefits of this type as there are those who scam the system and by doing so take away funs intended for people who truly need them.

  9. There is a big difference. People in West Belfast don’t wave flags and get tattoos proclaiming their loyalty to the British state. If you are living under foreign occupation then there is no moral issue involved in increasing the cost to the occupier. But in East Belfast they are ripping of the state they claim to be loyal to. That is truly shameful and disgraceful. I don’t know why you would have wanted to represent such people.

  10. Foreign Occupation? Dear oh dear. If there was a UI tomorrow the trolls in West Belfast claiming these benefits wouldn’t be able to get on the planes and boats to England (the alleged oppressor)quick enough to ensure they still have their filthy thieving hands in the UK generous benefits system. If I had my way the only people who would be entitled to UK benefits and NHS treatment etc should be those who carry a UK passport. It may also cout out all these benefit and health tourists who come to these shores for their benefit fix, but who show no loyalty to the UK. So what do you say about that?

  11. “Trolls in West Belfast”
    “Filthy thieving hands”


    And there’s me thinking that they were stealing all the jobs.

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