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14 thoughts on “Truth

  1. Good recitations from Ayn Rand’s ‘Atlas Shrugged’. Let’s briefly review some of the ideas expressed and referred to by Ayn Rand and juxtapose them against them against the ideas of the Left;

    CAPITALISM: “An economic system in which the means of production, distribution and exchange are privately owned and operated for private profit.”
    Webster’s Dictionary

    PRIVATE PROPERTY: “As protected from being taken for public uses, is such property as belongs absolutely to an individual, and of which he has the exclusive right of disposition. Property of a specific, fixed and tangible nature, capable of being in possession and transmitted to another, such as houses, lands, and chattels.”
    Black’s Law dictionary, sixth ed., p.1217

    Amendment V, US Constitution 1789
    “No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury,…

    …nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”


    From the Communist manifesto:
    “In this sense, the theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property.”

    COMMUNISM: “the ownership of property, or means of production, distribution and supply, by the whole of a classless society, with wealth shared on the principle of ‘to each according to his need’, each yielding fully ‘according to his ability’.
    Webster’s Dictionary.”

    SOCIALISM: A political and economic theory advocating collective ownership of the means of production and control of distribution. It is based upon the belief that all, while contributing to the good of the community, are equally entitled to the care and protection which the community can provide.”
    Webster’s dictionary

    In summary:

    U.S. Constitution = protection for private property rights of the individual.
    Socialists/Communists = elimination of the private property rights of the individual, replaced with collective ownership by the State.

    If the government can take your property, for public use, without paying just compensation, that is prima facie evidence that you do not absolutely own private property. With Obama and the Democrats in charge I fear the US is far closer to becoming the People’s Democratic Socialist Republic of America than at anytime. Even when compared to the FDR quasi-dictatorship.

  2. I thought it was an excellent recitation, I also thought it may be a bit deep for the majority of our readers.

    Your comments are right on the mark Jim.

  3. Do you really think that the perversion of the Constitution has been only since 2010? The Constitution has been undermined since 1913 when the right to create money was handed over by Wilson to a cabal of private bankers, and every President since then (apart from Kennedy) has been made rich by that same cabal. This cabal (and the names of its banks are known to you all) has used its control over money to take control of all major corporations, media, university curricula and, quite recently, the politicians of Congress in both Houses.

  4. You mean this was all fiction from some one with an axe to grind? gee thats a surprise

    Unregulated capitalism is not a succesful system

  5. Unregulated capitalism has never existed

    It is more regulated in more ways now, but it was always subject to political and other influences, in all countries.

  6. now Alan you can’t have read all my posts and all my comments and believe that I think this is something new.

    Have you ever read the Creature from Jekyll Island I read this when I was about 13 so quite some time ago

  7. I’m just on a Ayn Rand kick because I’m rereading her work, by the way Who is John Galt?

  8. You went back to College? Cause isn’t that where one reads Ayn Rand? I was rereadign the Lord of the Rings myself last night (taking me back to High School).

  9. in it’s purest sense that it ever existed was here in the US in our first century

  10. Yes and the workers were badly paid and otherwise badly treated, monopolies had complete sway in various industries, pollution was uncontrolled.

    And the US market was highly protected against imports from Europe.

    The US grew yes, but it was a new and expanding continent shielded from competition.

    There never was a golden age and there never has been a pure capitalism without regulation. Never in America never in England never anywhere. It is all a matter of degree.

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