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Listening on my portable radio/player thingy to the Today programme, whilst walking on a treadmill at the gym; but nearly lost my footing as I listened to this young female berk discuss how HENS had feelings too. She described how hens reacted when their chicks had hot air blown over their down, and how this was then monitored by means of electrodes attached to the hens’ bodies. She stated that the results of the experiments indicated that hens can ‘empathise’, and it can be shown that birds do indeed have cognitive feelings, especially towards their own young; and can also feel pain!

I also felt pain as I heard the report broadcast, as I too have feelings, but my feelings are of an entirely different class to those of the researcher. I felt anger, I felt extreme annoyance, and I also felt a keen desire to go on the rampage and do great harm to all those who try and push  their stupid, silly and totally baloney ideas upon us in Britain.

After chicks  and hens, what next? Calves, heifers? Exeter deer? Where do these clowns get their ideas from?

Some simpering bloody researcher gets up on her eco-woolly-green-peacenik ridden backside, and tells everyone that hens and chickens have feelings, and we should respect all beings because they might have feelings too! Next thing they’ll be looking for is a time space in an abbatoir so that just before the bull, heifer or cow is stunned and slaughtered, the abbatoir man will have to look into the animal’s eyes, put his arm around the poor bloody animal’s neck, and sobbingly state that he doesn’t really want to do this, but the meat is needed, and it won’t hurt much because the stun bolt is really quick; and then; SLAM!

Oh but he won’t be able to do the kind, and humane, and sweet thing all the time, especially if he works in a HALAL slaugherhouse, because he’d be lying to the heifer if he said it wasn’t going to last a long time, because immediately after he prays to allah, he takes a long knife and slits the animal’s throat, and then lets it bleed to death without any intervention to stop the nerves reacting as they would normally do! So the Bristol researcher is going to have to come up with an alternative for the muslims, because they won’t stop killing their meat in their fashion, and the Jews won’t either!

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2 thoughts on “Now this isn’t really gonna’ hurt!!

  1. I take it that taxpayers money funded her while she came up with this load of bollocks.At least she should be in favour of fox hunting they must put the chicken under terrible stress.

  2. You understate the situation with regards to halal slaughter. A recent report showed that about 75% of all meat consumed in this country was halal slaughtered, including, surprisingly, all New Zealand lamb.
    Presumably the 25% that wasn’t slaughtered this way was pork!

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