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I don’t smoke. I have never smoked. Like many others, I find the smell of tobacco unpleasant. But I also advocate liberty and the latest wheeze from the Coalition to ban tobacco displays in shops smacks of hypocrisy.

Tobacco displays in shops will be banned in England as part of a package of measures to discourage smoking. Instead, cigarettes and other products will have to be kept under-the-counter from 2012 for large stores and 2015 for small shops, ministers have announced. A consultation will also be launched on whether manufacturers should be forced to put cigarettes into plain packets.

The problem seems to be that a significant number of young people insist on smoking. So, here’s a thought. Put the object of their desire in a hidden box, wrap it in plain paper, and tell them they should not pursue the use of it. What do you think the effect of that will be? Increased allure = increased consumption. If the Nanny State is so keen to stop people smoking, why not just ban it? MMmm…I suppose all that lost duty would be a slight consideration.

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11 thoughts on “THE TOBACCO BAN

  1. If I know the average British Smoker, they will continue to buy their drug of choice, but will also buy branded containers so that they may store their smokes in the manner in which they choose.

    Not having smoked for over 26 years, I don’t miss smoking at all, but if the Government dislikes cigarettes and smoking that much, they should just ban them, and then see what happens!

  2. How long before it’s more socially acceptable to smoke Mary Joanna instead of Tobacco….in some circles I reckon it’s already there.

  3. Of course the ban on marijuana has absolutely nothing to do with the nanny state.

  4. If banning something or making it hidden encourages it’s use, isn’t that an argument for the complete decriminilisation of all narcotics ?

  5. It’s an argument for having some incredibly NAFF slebs advertise the product. EG Des O’Connor promoting Methampetamine use…probably minus a few teeth and some blackened stumps. Or maybe Keith Chegwin promoting the new cereal Smack, Crack & le Pop.
    For my money Naff just screams Posh n Becks… Becks already looks like she has a ramrod up the jackse and a bad smell under her nose. Beckham has more Tattoos than brain cells these days. However I suppose their Naffness has not yet reached it’s peak.

    Just a thought….

  6. David

    Do you support legalizing pot?

    I never touch either pot or tobacco, but it would seem to make a lot more sense to ban tobacco and legalize reefer. Tobacco is far more lethal.

  7. Tobacco displays in shops will be banned in England …

    Gee, well done Tory-voting chaff.

    You really stuck it up New Labour and it’s incessant, nannying ways didn’t you?


  8. Really! Smoke 20 reefers a day for a few years and then we’ll see what’s more lethal.

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