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Sensible people, the Dutch.

Have you wondered what life would be like if feminism had never happened? If we were all housewives? If we were not required to live on our wits and our adrenaline, and were able to take up a hobby? If men were happy to step up to the mark and look after us?

Am I talking about travelling back in time to see what life was like in the Fifties? No, it is much simpler than that. I am catching a flight to Amsterdam.

Not for them the tempting – though ultimately unsatisfactory and enslaving – creed of feminism. Our Dutch friends, sensible, conservative types that they are, have never forgotten that men and women are different with different needs, wants and desires. Girls, be honest with yourselves; it’s time to free yourselves of ideological tyranny. Cast away the sensible office shoes, bin that Blackberry and ditch the office politics. Instead, fulfill yourselves: stay home, marry and have children. Deep down you know you’ll have happier, more wholesome lives when you are true to yourselves, your destinies and human nature. Don’t take my sensible word for it, listen to your Dutch sisters.

But then I meet a young man heading home at Schipol train station, arms full of tulips. ‘Do you have a girlfriend?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Does she work full-time?’ ‘Are you kidding? No, it is my job to worship her, to make her happy and fulfilled.’

Ah, how refreshing. They’re right, you know, we really ought to strive to be more European, Ja?
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  1. Yeah, I just wonder how many Dutch women of working age live in this leisured nirvana, excluding those whose husbands / partners earn over £85,000 in euros.

    As usual the Daily Mail neglects the stats when they do not fit its political agenda.

  2. Nice post Peter,
    As a child of the ’50s I would say that women (and men- although men always win!) were happier when they were thought of as the “fair sex”, treated with respect, courted and romanced, and men actually wrote them love letters and saw them as sources of inspiration!!
    Yes, I know that some women had a really hard time. They had no rights, some were beaten and abused.
    But you look at the letters written home by servicemen in both world wars, look at the love elderly couples have for each other, and you begin to realise that actually
    women today are MORE exploited,
    and MORE unhappy than perhaps they ever were..

    My own wife has far more qualifications than I have. She is gentle, talented and loving and for whatever reason,
    she delights in making ME happy!
    Now, if you knew me you would think she must be mad.
    But I know lots of women who truly love their husbands and their children.
    It is MEN who tend to take it all for granted…..

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