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Most criminals believe that they will never be betrayed by their accomplices; never will the people who have benefited by their greed and assorted crimes inform upon them to the authorities. In real life, however, it is more often than not an insider who ‘shops’ the gang for a lighter sentence, if sentence there is. Times without number, thieves have been brought to book on the evidence of some who were in on the crime from the earliest planning. However, there are some criminals, murderers of many, who explain their crimes by reference to an imaginary war, who do not forget their friends who stood by them when things were rather different.

MEPs called on High Representative Ashton to recognise the Interim National Council as officially representing the Libyan opposition. The resolution, by all political groups, also calls on EU Member States to “stand ready” for a UN-mandated no-fly zone over Libya, to prevent the Gaddafi regime targeting the population, and to help repatriate or resettle migrants fleeing the growing violence there.

“EU governments need to stand ready for a decision in the UN Security Council on further measures, including the possibility of a no-fly zone”, in compliance with a UN mandate and coordination with the Arab League and the African Union stressed MEPs in a widely-backed resolution (584 in favour, 18 against, 18 abstentions). During the debate, only the GUE/NGL group was against this idea.

Members of the GUE/NGL group include, well; surprise, surprise: SinnFein!


Well, as Guido remarks, they have to say ‘thanks Colonel’ for the six-odd shipments of weaponry including

  • 9mm Browning, Taurus, Glock and Beretta handguns
  • AK-47 Kalashnikov assault rifles
  • MP5 submachine guns
  • RPG-7 anti-tank rocket launcher
  • Soviet made DShK heavy machine guns
  • FN MAG machine guns
  • Military flamethrowers
  • Semtex plastic explosive
  • Strela 2 man portable SAMs
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