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Isn’t the EU  a joke? Consider;

David Cameron’s plea for Europe to back a no-fly zone over Libya was spectacularly sabotaged last night by Britain’s OWN commissioner in Brussels.

The PM and French President Nicolas Sarkozy called for a no-fly zone – and even air strikes – to prevent Colonel Gaddafi using his jets to wreak death from above on rebels.

But Mr Cameron’s bid for action was wrecked by Baroness Ashton, who is the EU’s foreign policy chief. The Labour peer – appointed by Gordon Brown – warned a no-fly zone could cost civilian lives and told the PM: “Hold your horses.” Her comments were seized on by Germany and other countries. Mr Cameron failed to get spineless EU leaders even to use the phrase “no-fly zone” in the joint statement after yesterday’s emergency summit on the crisis.

Got that? Britain’s attempts to get the EU to even consider the idea of a NFZ is thwarted by the British EU Foreign Kommisar Ashton. Talk about the enemy within! Aston is Brown’s parting gift to the UK. He installed this wretched apparachik in order to ensure that events like this could happen. So whilst we can righteously rail against Ashton, it was LABOUR who put her there.

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  1. David this is what politicians do!
    THEY created the EU -not the people.
    THEY created the rules and pencilled in their perks
    -not the people.
    And in situations like this where real leadership is required, politicians look to see which way the wind is blowing and position themselves accordingly…
    It is often said about Winston Churchill that he changed his political alliance once or twice. But he was a STATESMAN who had proved his mettle as a young man and wasn’t afraid to admit he was wrong.
    Today we lack true leaders who are prepared to stick by what they believe is best for the country they love..
    because really,
    they love only themselves.

  2. Han on, let’s back the back up here.

    Either Cameron is calling for nations to impose a no-fly zone, in which case Ashton has no say in the matter and Cameron can tell her to get stuffed, or she does have a say in the matter because Cameron is calling for our forces to serve the EU.

    In which case we can hang him for treason.

    In the even of an EU no-fly zone I’d urge all men and women in uniform to refuse to serve. They swore an oath to serve the sovereign and the Crown, not alien political forces.

  3. Agree 100%, so i think it is safe to now assume, that Great Britain, and it’s nation, along with the British armed forces ‘Fighting for Queen and Country’ now belong, lock, stock and barrel, to the Soviet EU regime?

    And, not a single shot fired .. you haver to hand it them, what the Soviet EU regime have achieved, is very, very impressive?

  4. Cameron is standing up for decency, whereas “baroness” Ashton is on the side of realpolitic, which is invariably the line from Brussels.

    I think many EU leaders will be secretly relieved when Gadaffi is safely in control again and “business as usual” can resume. Berlusconi is definitely of that view, and I wonder about Merkel.

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