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The EU elite get their priorities right;

“The full scale of the European Parliament’s excess is revealed in a report on its 2009 budget – spent at the height of the world economic meltdown – to be thrashed out next week in Strasbourg. Almost £38million was spent on 900 security guards, most of whom were external contract staff, while £70million was paid out on 722 spin doctors. Of the total £1.5billion European Parliament budget, £3million was spent ferrying officials around in chauffeur-driven cars in Strasbourg and Brussels.”

Chauffeurs, spin-doctors and security guards – all the essential apparatus to keep the elite protected from the common herd. And you pay for it.  The unfolding tyranny represented by the EU seems to cause a certain embarrassment amongst our politicians. Why? Isn’t it clear that the only way the EU can grow is for the Nation state to shrink.  Have they no interest in sustaining our ancient democracy?

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  1. Out of all the EU financial corruption, the theiving, the never ending gravy train of plenty to a very select few … billions missing, and you can bet your bottom dollar, we only get to hear about the tip of a very large iceberg?

    It’s about time this corrupt power mad totalitarian regime, was disbanded, once and for bloody all.

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