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Good God are we INSANE?  Why are we bombing Ghadafi, by helping the opposition we are aiding Iran. We are witnessing the formation of the Caliphate we don’t need to help it along. Let the animals kill each other, it’ll be just less we have to fight in the long run.

Well it’s time as Thompson would say to whip together a few raw facts, some ole negro wisdom, and put this tale out for all to gape at.  There seems to be a continuing clash of the sane against the insane, earther against spacer, greenie against techie, and the all history encompassing Moore against Christian.

We do live in interesting times, someone find that china man and shoot him. We are witnessing the formation of one Caliphate in the Middle East, they actually believe it is the end times and whether you call him the Mahdi, the 12th Imam or the Muslim Jesus they believe he is here, and he is on their side. Right, Wrong, whether you believe or not they DO, and they are sitting on a source of power to give them the ability to screw with everyone.

So what should we do, kill them all? We could, I mean shit that’s what they want to do to us. Do unto others before they do unto us, that’s what Bush said, but we don’t have the stomach for that, nor should we. So what to do?

There is no replacement for oil our whole world is made from it. Look around you. Don’t even count gasoline, just think can you live without plastic? I doubt it. Everything we use in our daily lives is made out of oil. Forget Medicine, Surgery, food containment, etc etc. There is no replacement for oil and the byproducts that we make from it. At least not yet maybe in the next hundred years someone will find something, but they haven’t yet.

The U.S. spends a minimum of $400 Billion a year on Middle Eastern oil. WHY? Because some little enviro weenie can save an owl, or a whale. Screw them, drill baby, drill. If you believe in peak oil (which I don’t) the U.S. has enough of it’s own oil for at least 200 years. Look at what man has accomplished in the last 100, if you believe we couldn’t top that in the next 100, ye have little faith, let alone little sense.

Hell we have plenty enough to keep the U.S. and the British Isles swimming in both oil and coal. Let the EU buy from Russia, except the French those bastards have been short sheeting every deal to control the machinery that goes to the Persian bastards make them deal with them.

We can not allow the enemy to dictate the terms of our economies, which is exactly what we are doing by buying from the Arabs. It is time to cut them off. We are going to have to fight these bastards sooner or later no matter what we do. Why keep giving them money, spend that $400 Billion here and we’ll not just produce oil but it will spur our internal economy back to life. And after all what’s good for America is good for the world.

Drill Here, Drill Now, and screw everyone else.

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25 thoughts on “This is not the first or last time I’ll say this….

  1. Lots to write about and I largely agree.

    The US has lots(no, gargantuan amounts) of energy reserves e.g. oil, natural gas, coal and they’re just sitting their not being exploited for various foolish reasons especially like anti-human progress neo-luddite eco-fundamentalists.

    However, it’s the Eco-fundamentalists and all too many NIMBY’s(Not In My BackYard) who are the most idiotic and zealous in preventing projects to develop nuclear power, geo-thermal, solar, wind, and hydro-electric.
    Just one example;

    Eco-fundamentalists Sierra Club sue to stop the development of a eco-friendly solar plant in the Mojave: Link: http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/01/05/us-solar-idUSTRE70432N20110105

    That’s correct, the same enviro-nutjobs who have pushed for solar power are the same people trying to stop it. Which brings me to another issue; Eco-fundamentalists really don’t care about the environment, rather they want to control eveyone’s lives to the point that everyone becomes a self-loathing whiny metrosexual eco-fundamentalist believing in the cult of Gaia.

    As for the US being in the Middle East, it’s become intolerable. The US and UK have become the Saudi’s and other Oil states mercenaries. Get our forces out of there, let the venal Muslims fight it out among themselves and try to get as many Christians living the ME out of the way of Muslims so the Muslims can go do what they do best which is oppress and kill each other.

  2. I agree it’s an internal Libyan matter let them work it out between them. I strenuously object to bombing people to aid BP shareholders. It’s only a short time from when Prime Minister Tony B Liar and Prime Monster Gorgon McDoom Broon were shaking Ghaddaffis hand and telling us what a fine fellow he was. A short time from when the Labour party was prostituting itself for Ghaddaffi’s thirty pieces of silver.
    Well I have a memory longer than a Goldfish and I say the whold country isn’t worth the life of one of our service personnel.

  3. Turn off the glenn beck have a little lay down and hopefully it will pass. If not might I sugest electroshock therapy!

  4. come on state your case coaster head, you refute nothing, you point out no flaw in my post, youy offer no opinion other than that I am crazy.

    Just like your poster name is that of a placemat you yourself have nothing to offer, only what others place upon you

  5. Hey Troll do you think this will stop some boneheads on your side of the pond saying ‘Hey your Tony Blair he’s just wunnerful’. Perhaps you guys will now see him for the lying cheating snivelling chiselling war criminal crook that makes Nixon look sqeaky clean. You know exactly how the majority of us Brits see him.

  6. The Blair – Bush effort to bring Ghadaffi out of the cold actually WAS entirely justified – since part of that deal was that the Libyan WMD program was dismantled and shipped out of the country.


  7. There will be no caliphate for there is simply put no unifying figure nor is their any one nation capable of capturing and subjugating any one Arab country never mind them all. How is one ruler going to rule both the Suni’s and the Shi’a’s.

    That would be like the prods suddenly started doing what the pope said.

    How dou expect the King of Saudia Arabia to abdicate his power or the king of Syria et al

    This whole caliphate nonsense is to make sure the gullible tune in every night to the faux news prosthletizers

    And I have aske you 50 times how do you propose to get the oil you claim is readily available. You claim it you prove it

  8. Nixon did nothing wrong, he was probably the second best president in the 20th century

  9. Nixon was messed up in many ways, but he was a great man in many ways, too, who possessed a superior knowledge of history and the world, vastly greater than all current US or other politicians.

    In particular, he knew China and Russia better than all the others.

  10. you haven’t been paying attention to events, or you are not very bright. I would guess the later.

    The earthquake that is burning through the entire ME is that the Mahdi/12th Imam has returned, and he will do just that unify Sunni and Shiite

    as for the oil we have something in this country called drills, you might have heard of them, but then again maybe you haven’t sunny

  11. Now think of the mind Nixon had and then think of some of the empty heads hopping around in Republican circles these days, who are actually taken seriously by some lost souls.

  12. the oil you claim will sustain ameica fo 200 hunded years is locked into shale, today there is no reasonable way to extract even 10% of this oil. you could punch the rockies full of holes every 10 feet and never extact enough oil to lubricate the dills never mind run the US economy on

  13. no the shale oiul is less than 20% of what I am talking about, plain regular good ole crude my boy. The gulf of mexico is a basin that holds twice the saudi reserves, the dakotas have a major untapped field along with the liquid reserves in alaska.

    Placemat man, is there any subject that you have any knowledge in? You could at least start learning how to research stuff with the net.

  14. and that article is 3 years old and one of 1000s, we have already started pumping the balkin field in the Dakotas but only on private land. you keep putting out comments that show how little you depth of knowledge is.

    Do some research

  15. If you actually read the article that you posted you would know that it proves my point not yours.

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