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The staggering mess that is Ireland’s banking system comes under the spotlight again today as the news emerges that another €30bn will have to be pumped into the melted down banks. In essence Ireland will end up with just two banks and the State owns them. However the State itself is now propped up by IMF/EU loans so in essence Ireland really IS a wholly owned subsidiary of EU plc. It is literally bankrupt so the question is this; WHY on earth would Northern Ireland EVER want to be financially integrated into such a disaster zone? To be clear; I wish the Republic well and hope that it can recover for the PEOPLE of Ireland however I also believe that it cannot remain in the EU and expect this outcome. Furthermore, Ireland’s political elite have been rabid Europhiles, demanding the Lisbon treaty goes through, for example. Now the country is consumed by EU demands and the only hope is provided by LEAVING it. Can this happen or will we have paper tigers in the Dail roaring about what the EU must do when in truth the EU will do nothing. It owns Ireland, lock stock and two smoking barrels.

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