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About time. Extra  state benefits paid to additional wives in polygamous marriages are to stop under the Government’s welfare crackdown.

Taxpayers will be astonished by the revelation that spouses in such marriages are entitled to payments under special rules agreed by Labour – and that one estimate puts the total bill at around £10million a year. Polygamy is thought to be most prevalent among Muslims as some interpretations of Islamic law allow a man to have a “harem” of up to four wives. The benefits potentially available to him under current rules include Income Support, Jobseekers’ Allowance, Employment and Support Allowance, Pension Credit, Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit. A Muslim man with four wives could receive £10,000 a year in income support alone.

The iniquities of Labour become more apparent by the day. It is little wonder that Welfarism ballooned under their diktat and it is very timely that these cuts are made to the polygamous “community”.

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3 thoughts on “POLYGAMY INFAMY

  1. Taxpayers will be astonished by the revelation that spouses in such marriages are entitled to payments under special rules agreed by Labour …

    They might be astonished, but they shouldn’t be. Who in their right mind can be astonished at anything the government of any stripe gets up to?

    Let’s be honest, this isn’t a benefit scheme for multiple wives/chattels. This is a forced subsidy from the productive class to buy muslim votes for Labour, and when it comes to buying whole client classes, anything goes.

  2. Too right, Pete. Goodness, how I hate Labour. I can just picture Blair, Prescott and Brown having their little meeting, back in 1997:
    “So, here’s what we’ll do to try and ensure we’re voted into power perpetually: First, most of the indigenous electorate won’t vote for us, so…. we’ll import our own voters from other countries”
    “Bwa-haaa-haa-haaar! Ah, but what if they won’t vote for us either?”
    “It gets better: We’ll bribe them!”
    “Ha ha haaa! Grunt grunt, oink oink!”
    “And it gets even better: We won’t even have to use our own money to bribe them; we’ll use the taxpayers’ money!”

    Can’t you just imagine these little Labour pigswilling gruntsnots bawling their piggy little heads off at the thought. I mean, what a dirty, smelly, unwashed little bunch of grots Labour are, when you think of it. Any normal person would feel ashamed at having to resort to such underhand tactics, but not Leeeee-baah. You can see this by looking at photos of Gordon Brown, with his necktie strewn together like that of a grubby schoolboy, and his collar-ends all curled in. No personal pride or self-respect for his own appearance equates to no pride in what he stood for.

  3. I think you’re probably not far off the truth.
    I despise these politicians who abuse their position and our trust.
    The sheer arrogance and presumption of omniscience,
    whilst knowing that if it does all go pear shaped, you’ll have probably made your pile and be living somewhere “desirable…..”

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