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Is France right?

Authorities in France temporarily blocked trains from Italy in an attempt to stop north African migrants from entering the country. Trains were stopped at the border for hours – prompting Italy to launch an official complaint with France. Services were later resumed. Italy has angered France by giving temporary resident permits to thousands of Tunisian migrants. The permits allow them to travel freely in many European countries.

If National Sovereignty means anything, it means France can protect its borders. Italy is simply transporting the problem westwards.

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4 thoughts on “LAST TRAIN LEAVING….

  1. Er, North Westwards actually,
    as everybody knows they’ll ultimately end up in the UK.

    Bravo France for defending its borders!
    Bravissimo! Italy for trying to pass the problem on.

    Hard Luck UK!
    You will just have to be squeezed that little bit harder,
    taxed that little bit more
    pushed further down the housing list
    wait longer at the hospital or surgery
    so that these poor folk can enjoy the wonderful hospitality and care
    for which you British are renowned


  2. Unfortunately you are correct Agi.

    The UK has serious problems, not least due to the liberal left and their relaxed former policy.

    I wonder if the current excuse for a government have a clue how many illegal immigrants are in the country?

    My guess would be no.

  3. The ” migrants ” should have been intercepted at sea and ordered to turn back. Those who do not should be sent to the bottom of the Med.

    Problem solved.

    This comment will be followed by comments of sniveling outrage. But that’s how you solve the problem. Half measures will mean that the problem gets ten times worse, in short order

  4. The migrants will eventually wind up in Ireland; marry Latvians, Estonians or Lithuanians and live happily ever after collecting Social welfare whilst the few remaining Celts bleat over their pints about how the Health service and the Educational system are shite.

    We have met the enemy and they is us.

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