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Quite obviously, the family unit has been the backbone of our society for a very long time here in the UK, but the times they are-a-changing;

The collapse of family life: Half of children see parents split by 16 as births outside marriage hit highest level for two centuries. The astonishing speed at which traditional family life has collapsed is laid bare today. Shocking figures reveal that births outside marriage are at their highest level in two centuries and nearly half of children can expect their parents to separate by the time they turn 16. Nine out of ten couples now live together before – or instead of – tying the knot. Before the Second World War, it was fewer than one in 30. From a situation 30 years ago where it was often considered shameful to have a child outside of wedlock, it has now become the norm. Some 46 per cent of children are born to unmarried mothers

The death of the family for so MANY children represents the triumph of the 60’s love generation which assaulted the traditional bulwarks of society – religion and family. Christianity is in serious decline and so is marriage. So many teenagers see their parents split up before they reach adulthood, so many children do not have a father to go with their mother. Once we strip away the central tenets that hold things together we get a shredded society, a broken society. Liberals rejoice – your mission is accomplished, just a pity it leads to misery and poverty.

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  1. “The family” isn’t dying. It isn’t even ill. It is changing and will continue to change, to meet better the needs of a changing world and changing lifestyles. The only danger of its demise would be if it weren’t able to change.

    As many or more people want to get married than ever before. (‘tho others seem to want to stop them http://www.atangledweb.org/?p=10317 ). So it’s apparently not marriage that conservatives are concerned about, but pure conservatism for its own sake: do it the way it’s always been done because that, well, that’s the way it’s always been.

    As for that stuff about the “60′s love generation”, I can hardly think of a better argument against traditional marriage: those kids were almost all born into the kind of marriage and brought up in the kind of society conservatives yearn for, yet they ran away from it in droves and seemed to prefer any alternative, no matter how absurd, to that of their parents. For whatever reasons, the traditional way obviously wasn’t working.

  2. >>You deny the facts presented.<<

    I deny nonsense presented. You avoid my arguments.

  3. I point to California’s traditional family unit decline from when they elected that divorced liberal Governor Ronald Reagan.

  4. “For whatever reasons, the traditional way obviously wasn’t working”

    In your opinion! – but as you are yourself a product of the ’60’s, – well you would say that, wouldn’t you!

    Sustainable, civilised communities, – of whatever size, – are built on tried and tested principles, one might call them a latter day version of the ’10 Commandments’. Disregard those and the result is the destruction of the community as a viable and civilised entity.

    That the ’60’s generation found it so much easier to disregard their culture and history than to comply with a few basic and simple rules of common agreement.

    Disregard and disrespect for anything and anyone, whether it be the Law, or, by extension, anyone who may represent even the mildest form of authority, such as teachers, doctors, and not forgetting the local religious representatives, what once were called ‘pillars of the community’.

    It seems in the rush toward denying Christianity, the ‘baby has been thrown out with the bathwater’, and respect for everyone and anyone, including oneself, has been discarded.

    Surely a man of your purported intellect can see the longer term deleterious effects of such disregard for anything other than self interest.

    I agree that change should happen in a civilised society, but in the headlong rush for change, we have ended up with the worst of all worlds, the destruction of communities with heart and soul, to be replaced with groups who can barely tolerate themselves, let alone their neighbours.

    I would amend your last sentence to read:-

    “For whatever reasons, the ‘new’ way obviously isn’t working either!”

    Unlike yourself, I do have experience of both ‘before and after’…

  5. I have close relatives who believe this rubbish about allowing children and adults to “express themselves” and “find the inner me” and “continuing your meaningful journey through life”.
    They smile indulgently at my stated adherence to moral values, and that some things just don’t change. Or that personal freedom without bounds has no ultimate meaning.
    Would you guess it?
    They are both probation officers…..

  6. Ernest,
    Just one of the things which concerns me is that increasing numbers of children don’t have any sense of continuity or connection to their forbears.
    Even now I can remember the stories my father told me about his boyhood and his grandparents, and they fill me with a certain sense of pride and belonging.
    Now that we can get kids out “of a bottle”, I fear we will see more people unable to say whether this or that genetic problem runs in the family,
    unsure whether you might be dating a cousin or half sister or brother etc.

    The kind of freedom Noel defends always leads to chaos and alienation, and how failed marriages result in children suffering from depression, loss of identity and the inability to form trusting relationships…

    Look at how some young people have to resort to more extreme forms of behaviour or dress in order to authenticate themselves…

  7. Agit8ed,

    It was, as you must know, that post war Britain was a very austere place, what with rationing continuing well into the ’50’s, and National Service continuing to 1960, – the year the world went mad! – 🙂 To be replaced by Flower power and Rock ‘n Roll, – a heady mix!

    Such a pity that it was forgotten that freedom and responsibility are ‘joined at the hip twins’, and that neither one really works well without the other! …

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