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Are we surprised at this?


And is this (despite the sex difference) a contributory factor?

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3 thoughts on “Surprised?

  1. There!
    I knew along that
    Charles Darwin
    with all his WEIRD theories..

    was really
    Ganja smokin’ Rastafarian…

    String that Racist Moyles up!
    says I
    and I ……

  2. Surely, once again, the question to be asked is why there are no more suitably qualified black candidates for these posts, as I’m sure our local authorities would “bend over backwards” to employ them even if they were only marginally suitable.

    And if there is any argument about bias against a black candidate, it could be argued that the authorities want the best, and that this female head has demonstrated how unsuitable many candidates are due to their pre-conceived ideas about racism.

  3. How many black teachers are actually qualified to be head teachers? Take the number of black head teachers against those qualified and compare it to the same ratio for whites and, if there is under-representation of blacks, then it should be corrected. Failure to do so would be real racism and no the usual ‘racism’.

    It’s not like reading an autocue where the only requirement is that the candidate (white or black) be able to read it to good effect. Look at Barack Obama – he is a better reader of an autocue than any of his white predecessors.

    To become a head teacher, the applicant must be qualified and it is hoped that the necessary qualifications will not be ‘moderated’ in order to produce the politically-correct outcomes.

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