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I won’t object in the slightest if this song is taken down, but I hope that it stays.

” The Foggy Dew ” commemorates the 1916 Easter Rising in Dublin.

I’d like to hear, especially from the Unionist side of the house, your thoughts on those events and about this song.

I think that this is a great version of a song about very brave men.

Happy Easter – everyone!

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27 thoughts on “ATW Rebel Song Festival ” The Foggy Dew “

  1. I was one of those who was angry with Sinead O’Connor when she tore up the picture of the Pope.

    I now understand why she did it. And I’m not mngry with her any more.

  2. I still recall how one of America’s finest muscians defended her and sheltered her off stage when she was met by a hostile crowd. He recently released an album with a song dedicated to the little Ms O’Connor.

  3. Note the same people who refuse to accept the men of 1916 were patriots motivated by noble ends are same folks demanding all people of Belfast accept a British armed forces parade through their city.
    Churchill was able to admit as much.

  4. noble ends my ass.

    A bunch of ill advised rabble, who got their just desserts, just like the hunger strikers years later.

    A parade for our returning heroes is apt, welcome and proper, as it would be in any other part of the United Kingdom.

    I take it we will ignore the democratic vote taken by Belfast City Council, which approved it then?

    Very convenient, as usual for nationalists, the SDLP are a disgrace by the way as many serving Irish guards would probably be their voters.

  5. Now there’s a surprise. Beautiful rendition by Sinead who I adore. Not because I always agree with her but because she speaks from the heart rather than trying to build a right on image for herself like… need I even mention him?

  6. I thought that the issue of clerical child molestation was exaggerated, at the time. It wasn’t. It was far worse than any of us thought, and Sinead was brave enough to make her statement. It might have been an imperfect statement, but it was a cry from the heart, and it was more honest than any statement I’ve heard from any Pope, Cardinal, Bishop, or Priest on the matter.

    Good for her.

  7. I happen to really like the Chieftains. Been going to their concerts and buying their tapes (cassette types) & CD’s for 30+ years. R.I.P. Derek bell the best harpist since Harpo Marx…….


    Sinead O’Connor is a dysfunctional, imature, Irish, bitchy DYKE.

    She sure as hell can’t sing either!

  8. The Chieftains are magnificent indeed.

    But Sinead can’t sing? Do have the hearing checked. She’s a great talent.

  9. Judging by the song Rab I suspect that she’d celebrate the historical significance of it if not the religious one.

  10. Paul,

    You mean she’d view Jesus as a Palestinian leader “rebelling” against colonisation of his country by an imperial power?

    Shurely not 🙂

  11. Was Ireland at that time an integral part of Britain ?
    Were thousands of Irishmen, from North and South, at that very time preparing to give their lives for real freedom ?
    Were the rabble who murdered British troops in Dublin committing treason ?
    Did the new Irish government execute more of them than the British did ?
    Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes.
    And no amount of pathetic caterwauling will change that.

  12. You apparently haven’t soaked your head yet.

    Is that from the font of your knowledge? 😉 This is why you posted it here and not on your own blog isn’t it, so enjoy!

  13. Great song. I like Sinéad (she was rather beautiful in her day). Nothing compares to some who post here.

    Anyway, a peaceful Easter to all.

  14. Ireland has never been part of Britain.

    If they were committing treason then so was George Washington and his armies.

    Real freedom fought for in WW1?
    Hardly, a dispute between so called “nobles” from the same extended family spread across Europe did not constitute a sacrifice for freedom. A great sacrifice it was however.

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