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Ah, the brave boys of 1916. Here’s my view – in the chorus.

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  1. Good lyrics

    They’re lighting a bonfire upon every hilltop in the land
    Just another tiny island invaded when he’s got
    the whole world in his hands
    And the Heavyweight Champion fights in the
    International Propaganda Star Wars
    There’s already one spaceman in the White
    House what do you want another one for?

  2. A lickspittle response, a rolled over, pushed over lickspittle response. The unionist blogger who has celebrations of the Easter rising on his blog, a shinner in unionist clothing!!!!! Whilst trampling the hiways, nay the Queens hiways and byways of Upper Bann in search of unionist votes silently and seditiously hummimg we’re on the one road. Luckly you have been sussed out, we know ye, the pushed over unionist blogger that celebrates Irish republican uprisings…..

    sad:( unionism has lost its barking dog….wimper wimper 😉

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