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This blog can reveal, because of its attitude to the totally-undemocratic Super-Injunction process, that a High Court Judge has agreed to an injunction which forces all newspapers to carry, in a prominent position, news about four people who would not deserve one single inch of newspaper space in more ordinary times for their extra-marital shenanigans.

We therefore, because of a cringing fear that we might be excluded from further Super-injunctions of the same kind, can now state that a theatre manager whose name rhymes with ‘Gunn’ has left his wife of twenty-one years, and is now shagging Nancy Dell’Olive Oil, the extremely loose-moralled ex-girlfriend of a Swedish former England failed football team manager.

Mr. ‘Gunn’s’ wife stated that as she also was shagging another man on a semi-exclusive basis, the couple had decided to sever what little remained of their marriage, as ‘little’ just about covered all aspects of the union! She also thanked the High Court Judge for his understanding in making every newspaper on the planet carry all the sordid details, as some people had obviously not been advised by their joint publicity agents.

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5 thoughts on “Exclusive.

  1. Perhaps if the plebs aren’t reading about who’s shagging whom, they may pay more attention to more important matters, such as who rules over them and why they don’t have jobs.

  2. Shag all, everyone is getting their wick dipped but yours truly!

    Victoria Beckham, if you’re free in the future, please ring me at: 0800-OLD-SHAG

  3. The major reason why many don’t have jobs is free trade with very low cost countries. And there’s very little constituency for trade tariffs, unless you’re speaking about Patrick J Buchanan etc.

    I don’t support trade walls, but the lack of a proper industrial policy from the US and UK etc over the past thirty years and more has served the blue collar workers in our lands very badly.

    Aside from high tech, our countries have an economy based on sending emails to one another and filing lawsuits. Not a sustainable model.

  4. Yuck that stick insect? Looks like she has a permanent bad smell under her nose and a broomstick up the jackse. FFS pick a proper woman. Real woman have curves, that are real and not the result of choosing them out of a catalogue.
    She’s the classic example of more money than taste IMO.

  5. Yes it was termed Bread and Circus’s by Juvenal 1st Century Roman philospher. Very little changes.

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