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I was disturbed to read that Britain is prepared to formally recognise a Palestinian state unless Israel opens peace talks with the Palestinians.

David Cameron last night warned Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu that the UK is prepared to recognise an independent Palestine at a United Nations meeting in September. British diplomats described the threat as one of Britain’s few ‘levers’ to press Israel to join talks with Palestinian officials.

Blackmailing Israel -it’s the default Foreign Office position.

Meanwhile, in another bizarre move, William Hague has been suggesting that North African c0untries could aspire to some sort of membership of the EU, creating the potential for millions of Muslims to enter the EU, legally.

This Coalition is beyond inept when it comes to policy – and these latest pronouncements bring despair and laughter in equal measure.

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  1. I think the Conservatives must have a death wish.
    Why can’t they learn from the Conservatives in Canada, where real conservative policies have now got them a big majority.

  2. Recognising the Palestinian state is the right thing to do. The ‘EU in North Africa’ one, Not.

  3. If the Europeans had any balls they would have recognised Palestine within the 1967 borders years ago.

  4. I hope that laughter’s bitter.
    Is this Cameron’s revenge for Begin’s actions over the Falklands?
    Or did the LibLoons threaten to give him a chinese burn?

  5. Something dramatic has to be done to jump start the process, though I am uncertain if this is it.

  6. Colm I agree,
    PROVIDING (How the heck do you do italics? Capitals are all I can use for emphasis..)
    A united Palestinian government recognises Israel’s right to exist with security.
    Sits down ready to negotiate the best possible deal for both States.
    BUT this cannot be done by COERCION
    -and especially not by our cowardly, PC, hypocritical government.

    Second point:
    If this idea is really Hague’s baby,
    he has totally lost the plot, like Ken Clarke.
    Actually I’ve been thinking Hague has lost interest in the job. He just shows no real passion or conviction anymore.
    Not like the “ToryBoy” he once was!

  7. Cameron also wants Turkey to join the EU — that probably would have happened a long time ago had it not been for French and German opposition.

  8. Hang on. Where did Hague say that north-African countries could join the EU? Didn’t he say that he would like to set up a “free-trade area” and maybe later a customs union?

    The EU already has individual free-trade “Euro-Med” agreements with all the Med countries (bar Libya) under the Barcelona process. It also already has a customs union for industrial products with Turkey.

  9. ‘A free trade area!’ – isn’t that how the present pantomime started?

  10. LOL! Fair point. But my point is that what Hague is suggesting is hardly anything outrageously new.

  11. I see that the West End musical ‘We will Rock you!’ is having a sell-out tour of Britain.

    Meanwhile the Westminster Theatre of Modern Fart, are putting on their own version, – to fill the gap, as it were, called ‘We will Mock you!’, they do not expect have such an extended run as the West End original… the coalition are reported to be fighting over the lead parts.

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