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Here’s an odd little story;

“Irish church officials have been left red-faced after announcing plans for an Osama bin Laden memorial Mass. Howth parish in Dublin yesterday hastily withdrew an online newsletter advertising plans to dedicate a Mass to the man credited with masterminding the 9/11 attacks on New York’s twin towers. The newsletter had stated the Mass would be held at 10am this Thursday in the Church of the Assumption in memory of “Osama bin Laden (recently deceased)”.

I note that this has been dismissed “as a mistake or a hoax”. I can understand how it may have been a hoax but a mistake?

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5 thoughts on “BIN PRANKED?

  1. So was OBL a good Catholic then?

    How many Hail Mary’s did he have to do for 9/11?

    RIH Osama.

  2. Why am I not surprised?

    With the percentage of Liberal, whinning, bleeding-heart Micks hovering about 98% I’m surprised the government hasn’t cancelled Obama’s visit in protest (OOPs, American companies = jobs and money) and declared a National day of mourning for the dirt-bag. Is there really a book of condolence opened in the Palistinian embassy? Probalbly, and you can bet your sweet arse the sheeple idiots will be queued up for blocks.

    Even the Uber-douche, Jimmy Carter blowing ex-president has bleated about this subject:


  3. >>I can understand how it may have been a hoax but a mistake?<<

    A hoax in that someone put the name in the mass request list as a prank; a mistake in that the church official didn't check the list before scanning it.

    Otherwise: What have Bin Laden and Howth got in common? – Gay Burns.

  4. Noel,

    Good one! I’d say the church official responsible didn’t bother reading it.

    Eddie is right about the liberal tendencies of Howth in particular – with its two most famous residents being called Gay and Cruiser (recently deceased).

  5. >>Eddie is right about the liberal tendencies of Howth in particular<<

    ROFL MourneReg, can't stop laughing at that one. Never noticed that positively Joycean piece of Dublinabila before!
    Even tho I was trying to think of something with CCoB for my response.

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