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I read that the  British and Irish governments have snubbed prominent anti-terrorist figures who fearlessly campaigned against the Provisional IRA.

The guest list includes such celebrity personalities as Amanda Brunker and Lorraine Keane, as well as television presenter Terry Wogan, chef Rachel Allen, Nama developer Harry Crosbie and model Erin O’Connor. In marked contrast, leading peace campaigners such as Chris Hudson MBE and Barbara Fitzgerald CBE, and media figures such as Kevin Myers, Eoghan Harris and Ruth Dudley Edwards, have not been invited to any official events relative to the visit this week of Queen Elizabeth.

Whilst I have no problem with the Queen going to Ireland, I am very uncomfortable with the paying OF tribute to those who murdered her own subjects. To add further shame, the two governments are clearly and wilfully now vanquishing those who to their credit stood against the IRA. It’s a farce – and I will not be watching it.

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  1. I reckon you will be watching it David. You may have your hands over your eyes but I bet you will allow your fingers to part as the visit comes on the news 😉

  2. That would be Eoghan Harris who views the Easter 1916 martyrs as “suicide terrorists” and who stated President McAleese was a “tribal tide bomb” ?

    And RDE & Myers, one of whom has consistently attempted to degrade the memory of the 1916 martyrs and the other in addition to partaking in similar activities regularly writes ill-informed, incorrect, poorly researched rubbish from somewhere just right of the BNP?

    Glad to see they aren’t invited.

    I don’t know a great deal of the other two but from what I know Mr. Hudson should have got an invite for his work. Ms. Fitzgerald I’ll leave to someone better informed.

  3. Hudson probably should have been invited. I had never heard of Fitzgerald.

    Harris, dudley-Edwards and Myers are completely unrepresentative and were extremely anti-peace process. Why should they be invited? They are journalists only. They were not just anti- Provo but anti-the campaign that gave Ireland it’s independence. Their absence is a good thing for the queen IMHO.

  4. Let’s not confuse the various events. She will be laying a wreath at the Garden of Remembrance which commemorates Irish republicans. The likes of Harris and Myers would have no business there. She is also going to the memorial to Irish people who fought for the British Army and it is to that pro-British journalists could have expected an invite. They have been snubbed but leaders of the UDA have been invited. That is a very poor decision. It insults almost everybody. The invitation was from the President but the two governments must have approved it. They need to reverse it.

    Overall I can report that public opinion is turning against the visit. Dublin and Cork are facing severe restriction on traffic and movement. My inclination is to blame the dissidents but that’s not how people will see it. She should have just met with the President in Dublin and gone home. There us no need for her to be touring around creating a nuisance for people. It’s a pity Diana isn’t still alive. I think people would have wanted to see her but with all due respect the Queen is not very interesting.

  5. I read that story about the leaders of the UDA being invited and was gobsmacked. Not even the figleaf of them being elected politicians. Purely an openly official acknowledgment of a still illegal organisation . Very very wrong.

  6. the 1916 martyrs

    LOL! What outcome did they expect, except death? Pearce was big on “the blood sacrifice” and would presumably have rejoiced in the subsequent blood-letting in the civil war.

  7. Henry

    I think most reasonable people will accept the temporary inconvenience as a price to pay for the enormous significance of the visit. It represents a normalisation of relations between the Republic and the former colonial power, and would have happened decades ago if not for the troubles. So in a way it also puts a full stop to those decades of bloodshed. Which is perecisely why the republican die-hards are so bitterly opposed to it – they want the bloodshed to continue.

  8. I could accept a bit of temporary inconvenience but this is off the scale. For example Cork people were generally happy that the Queen was coming to town and was going to visit the traditional English Market.

    There was even a song composed locally for the occasion

    But we now find that the streets will be closed and the market won’t be able to open for business on the busiest day of the week. If she can’t mix with the locals then what’s the point? It’s not normalisation. It’s lockdown. It confirms my view that the visit should have been fast and focussed on a meeting with the President. We could have had all the significance and none of the inconvenience.

    None of this is the Queen’s fault by the way. It’s the fault of the dissidents that there is a security problem in the first place and it is the fault of the Irish government for having a phoney public visit with the public locked out. An English loyalist living in Cork will be kept away just as much as a hard line republican. Of course too much security is better than the nightmare scenario of something going wrong. All the more reason to keep the visit tight and limited.

  9. I would guess that “her majesty” (sic) knows very little about the protocol but she’ll still know much more than you do Troll.

  10. Good point Henry. Maybe a two day visit limited to Dublin would have been better.

  11. Daithio

    What do you mean the Queen knows very little about protocol. I doubt if there is anyone on the planet who knows more about protocol than her.

  12. >>media figures such as Kevin Myers, Eoghan Harris and Ruth Dudley Edwards, have not been invited to any official events<<

    LOL. A wise decision. We don't want the royal visit to be marred by drunks and general trash.

    Besides, the Queen wants to visit Ireland, not West Britain.

    On the other hand, it would have been fun if those three stooges were invited only to the Garden of Remembrance ceremony.

  13. Disingenuous in the extreme Peter.

    Why would he have rejoiced in the regrettable events of the civil war?

    Unionist fantastical thinking the order of the day it would seem.

  14. What did soldiers at the Somme expect other than death? Even so the majority of people in the UK would probably be offended if someone referred to the soldiers at the Somme as suicidal.

  15. Good point. It would have been funny seeing HM Queen Elizabeth laying a wreath to those that died fighting for Ireland’s independence in the presence of the Indo clique sitting in the corner chewing their feet.

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