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The two women charged with the murders of their daughters’ Hindu husbands were amazed to find themselves arrested on these serious charges.

‘She has always been wilful’ cried one of the two killers, ‘She just wouldn’t listen to her father and I, and insisted on marrying a man who were not only foreign, but not of our religion’. The two Muslim women, arrested after strangling their two daughters who had committed the grievous crime of ‘doing what they wanted’, were convinced that not only had they done the ‘right thing’, they vowed to do it again!

The village elders, who had nodded sagely as the murders were planned, refused to condemn the two killers, acknowledging that the killings were ‘justified’ in terms of family and religious honour!

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3 thoughts on “How dare you go against our wishes…

  1. Yet more evidence of a dysfunctional, unevolved savage idiology……..Sorry Liberal bleaters,

    Islam is not a religion.

    It’s a malignant mental condition that can only be kept a bay by killing those who’s brain it has infected!

  2. Such is our deep respect for these ‘entirely equal’ cultures that ATW posters here seem to be quietly accepting this barbarism and refraining from posting. Well not me ..or Eddie it seems.

    One of the deep joys of multiculti-ism is that we now have our own honour killings in the UK. Thanks Labour for importing such large numbers of backward and evil people. Like we didn’t have enough here already?

  3. Eddie , I fully agree this malignant metal condition can only be cured by a total eradication of the cause . Very strong medicine will be required .

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