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13 thoughts on “A NATION ONCE AGAIN…

  1. We will now take bets on whether we shall ever see this man, or any remotely like him, appearing on your television screens within the next fifteen or twenty years.

    I don’t know about the Irish TV and radio system, but Britain? I would reckon the odds of someone stating the blindly-obvious on a national broadcast basis are in the region of ∞ to one against, if such a bet could be imagined.

  2. Well said that man, every word.

    As someone in these here parts has occasionally said, if governments could see what the internet now allows they’d have strangled it at birth.

  3. Wow! – now that’s telling ’em!

    Could this be the man to beat ‘Drake’s Drum?’, – or perhaps someone has already given that drum a bashing, and he is a ‘Drake reincarnate’?

    No pussy footing around with him is there?…

  4. There is beer in New York. We can help you find some. Let us know the dates of your visit.

  5. Thanks, Phantom. Probably won’t be able to get away as I’ll be with an 11-yr old. BTW, checked out one of the excellent sites you mentioned and clinched a good deal immediately: Hotel Pennsylvania, beside Penn Stn and Madison Sq Gdns.
    I’ll pack ear-plugs! Big thanks again.

  6. I have been following Pat for years and have yet to disagree with a word he says . Now if we could find a way to make him Prime Minister instead of Dave , Britain would truly be Great again .
    It is worth looking at his past posts on YouTube .

  7. Well said. We need to frighten the politicians and make them realise that they are accountable to us and not themselves. Personally, I think the whole discreditable edifice will collapse if only we find a politician who will stand up and be counted. At one time I thought that this might just be Dave but then I found out that he did not understand what a cast iron promise was.

  8. Great stuff from Condell. The more people in Ireland who see this the better.

  9. Agreed. I don’t necessarily always like how he always says it, but I agree with him 100%.

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